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So, tonight I was once again vid chatting with [ profile] ninja007 when my apartment started shaking...and my earthquake alarm went off.  This time the earthquake lasted about 2 minutes and was an M7.3.  It wasn't even finished yet, my apartment was still shaking, when tsunami warnings were issued for all of Tohoku.  Yay.   I feel like I need to apologize to her, because every time there has been a large earthquake, we've been chatting and she's been witness to me freaking out.  At least this time I wasn't screaming in fear. 

Tsunami has come and all is well.  it was small (less than 2 feet).  But my nerves are shot.  So much for a nice relaxing Friday evening.  I was going to make fajitas for dinner tonight, but now I think I'll just go to the corner store and buy a chicken burger or something.  I now have a headache too. lol  oh well.  I guess I'll indulge in some chocolate too :) and maybe Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special.  I need to unwind again.

We were doing so well too.  It's been a long time since we had an earthquake worth mentioning. I wish they would stop all together.

oh, and LOTS of little aftershocks (at least they are small where I am).  hell, I hope things settle down so I can sleep tonight :p


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