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My Halloween classes all went very well this week! I wore my costume to school yesterday and all the kids (and the teachers) loved it! It was the scariest costume any of them had seen in person (because Halloween here is seriously scewed!  It's way more cute than scary).  No one knew it was me until I started talking.  All the kids kept asking who I was. lol

I told all the kids that I would be handing out candy at my apartment and that they were welcome to come "Trick-Or-Treating" on Halloween night.  I had to repeat over and over again that if they didn't wear a costume, I would not be giving them candy.  I even went so far as to write on the board "no costume = no candy".  Most of the kids already knew where I live but I wrote my address on the board for them.  I ended up with about 30 kids which is less than I hoped for but more than I realistically expected.  I still have lots of candy left over...especially since a few of the kids gave ME candy! lol  I think about 6 of them gave me candy, and one girl gave me a bouquet of fake roses. lol   All but 4 kids came dressed up, and the 2 out of the 4 didn't even want candy.

The first 3 kids to come to my door were the little guys that live in my building.  The youngest is 4 and the oldest is in grade 6.  They were all dressed up and very excited! The youngest one was a bit nervous of my costume at first, but once he realized it was "just me", he was alright.  They went to my place and the other Canadian's place (Mai-Linh lives on the second floor while I live on the first floor).  They were so cute! It was their first time trick or treating and although they only had two doors to go to, they are already looking forward to next year.

Mai-Linh came over and helped hand out some candy and we watched Hotel Transilvania. 

Today I finished preparing my presentation for the Skills Development Conference next week and made all my copies for the people that will be participating in my workshop.  I think I'm ready! I'm nervous, but looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor's to get my foot checked again.  Hopefully it's healed enough that I can lose the crutches and the half cast. My foot still hurts, and walking is a bit of a pain, but hopefully things will continue to get better from here on out.  I'm sick of being so slow and awkward.  I'm really looking forward to getting to the point where the heavy blankets don't hurt my foot and I can lie in whatever position I want without my foot screaming at me because it's in a bad position.  Sleeping shouldn't be this hard.

Thank god this is a long weekend! Tomorrow I refuse to get out of bed before 7am! Then Sunday and Monday I can sleep as much as I want! (or as much as I can...?)  Then Tuesday the taxi will pick me up at 6:45 to take me to the Board of Education and from there all the Iwaki ALTs will hop a bus to Fukushima city for thee Conference.  The last 2 years the hotel rooms have been so warm that none of us "foreigners" have been able to sleep well, if at I'm not anticipating sleeping much there either.

Energy drinks are becoming my best friend...

Date: 2013-11-01 10:43 am (UTC)
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I would be dead, because I hate energy drinks XD

glad to hear Halloween went so awesome :D and I hope your foot will finally shut up! :/

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Date: 2013-11-04 12:41 am (UTC)
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That halloween sounds awesome!! I am really looking forward to a time that I have a chance for trick or treaters.... (I really need a house...)


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