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10 years today.  Doesn't seem like it's been that long, and at the same time if feels like it's been forever.

I miss you dad, and I love you very much.
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I turned 25 today. 

My big brother Leonard (Len) who is about 36 years older than me (give or take) took me out to breakfast this morning in Manotik.  He took me to this little restaurant called Miller's Oven, that is supposed to be internationally known.  Really good food, and run by volunteers (mostly senior citizens during the week and teenagers help out on weekends).

After breakfast he took me to the Veterans Wall of Remembrance. I had never been to see it before, although I have been wanting to go see it since my brother told me about sending dad's name in with all the paper work. It's a wall that has the names of all (or most) of the veterans that served in the Canadian Military during World War 1 and/or 2.  My dad was a corporal in the Canadian Armed Forces Medical Corps from September 1941 to November 1945.

My brother found a bunch of stuff of my dad's when he was cleaning out his mom's house after she passed away 2 years ago.  He had put it all in a box to go through later. Well he gave me some papers today.  I now have a photo copy of my dad's baptismal certificate (and I now know my grandparent's full names), a letter written to my dad by a high ranking military officer that my dad cared for in the hospital he was working at (the officer had been injured over seas and was sent back to Canada to recover), and I also got his military discharge certificate. My dad was awarded the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal.  I hadn't known that.

After that I went back to my brother's house and I fixed up his computer for him.  He's all happy now that he can get online and check his e-mails again. LOL.  I got to play with his cats too.  

I spent the afternoon doing homework and then went out to dinner with my brother Eric and 2 of my friends.  We ended up going to Pizza Hut and I had pasta and cherry dessert pizza.  I love that stuff! It's soooo good! lol

Came home and did some more reading...I am so behind on my lj stuff.  I think I'm still stuck back on Sept. 12th.  I feel like I'm living in the past. lol 

School only started last week and I'm already neck deep in homework and readings and stuff.  This is going to be another really busy year.  It's already getting crazy and it's just beginning. At least I have some interesting courses and my syntax teacher just came here from California and keeps asking us all these questions about how we do stuff here. LOL it's really funny.  He's an amazing teacher though, the entire class loves him already. lol  He makes the class fun. 

I think it's going to be a good year.

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I've been away for a while... been busy writing up presentations for Japanese class and studying for tests and exams. Next week is going to be the week from hell! I have 2 exams, an assignment and a paper due. fun fun fun! The good news is that April 4th is the last day of classes! YAY!!  Then all I'll have to worry about is 2 exams (on the 12th and 25th) and a phonology paper due the 29th. I can't wait for April 5th to get here!!!

This past Tuesday marked the 9th year anniversary of my dad's passing. I miss him.  Although it is easier now than it was... except when I happen to walk in on my mom crying (which thankfully doesn't happen all that often anymore).  We usually have a family dinner to celebrate his new "birthday" on the anniversary but I was at school from 8am - 9pm (complete with Japanese presentation) so I think we are supposed to do it tonight instead. 

Decided to skip school today. I have so much work to get done for next week and I figured if I went to class today I would fail my Japanese chapter test anyways, so there wasn't much point in going. haha. oh well. I'd rather do well on this psych paper than fail a Japanese quiz any day!

So I should get back to work. I told myself that if I was going to skip school I would damn well do something productive (like getting ahead on this paper!). So I will!

See, I can be serious when I want to be! I'm using [personal profile] kazbaby's  newest farscape fic as an incentive to get a certain amount of work done today. As soon as I get to that point, I'm heading over to her lj to read it!

Thank you Kaz!


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