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So, tonight I was once again vid chatting with [ profile] ninja007 when my apartment started shaking...and my earthquake alarm went off.  This time the earthquake lasted about 2 minutes and was an M7.3.  It wasn't even finished yet, my apartment was still shaking, when tsunami warnings were issued for all of Tohoku.  Yay.   I feel like I need to apologize to her, because every time there has been a large earthquake, we've been chatting and she's been witness to me freaking out.  At least this time I wasn't screaming in fear. 

Tsunami has come and all is well.  it was small (less than 2 feet).  But my nerves are shot.  So much for a nice relaxing Friday evening.  I was going to make fajitas for dinner tonight, but now I think I'll just go to the corner store and buy a chicken burger or something.  I now have a headache too. lol  oh well.  I guess I'll indulge in some chocolate too :) and maybe Jeff Dunham's Christmas Special.  I need to unwind again.

We were doing so well too.  It's been a long time since we had an earthquake worth mentioning. I wish they would stop all together.

oh, and LOTS of little aftershocks (at least they are small where I am).  hell, I hope things settle down so I can sleep tonight :p
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8 earthquakes yesterday/last night. 3 earthquakes the daybefore.  two of them were M5.9 and another was 5.2 and some were 4s... Today seems to be quiet. It's raining again.  I don't know if it's the earthquakes or the weather or both, but I have a headache. again. lol

School is back in session but I haven't started teaching yet. I do have 1 class on Monday and it's in front of the parents.  Yay. first class of the school year and the parents are coming to watch.  great.   So, we are going to do a review of what we learned last year in the form of Hang Man.  Each round will be a question and once the kids figure out what the question is, they have to answer it!  Now I need to come up with prizes for the first and second place winners.

Uncle Dan's funeral will be tomorrow (1am in the morning my time tonight).  I called my Aunt's place this morning (yesterday evening for them) as my mom is there. I talked to my Mom, Aunt and Uncle for about an hour.  I love talking to my aunt and uncle. I need to remember to call them more often. 

I was going to do groceries today, but i don't want to walk in the rain and carry it all back in the I'm going to make a batch of pancakes for brunch (as soon as I post this) and then for dinner I'm thinking I'll make grilled cheese sandwhiches and I have some banana loaf cake for dessert.  Groceries can wait until tomorrow.

I'm going out tomorrow with Mareli to look at the cherry blossoms.  There is a park not far from Iwaki Station and there are some shops around where we can buy stuff for lunch.  Looks like a picnic in the park under the cherry blossoms =)  I'm looking forward to that.  I'm thinking I'll make fajita pizzas for dinner tomorrow night.

Guess that's about it...not much going on right now.  I've been watching all the Tinkerbell movies in my spare time.  and I bought 3 of the Jeff Dunham DVDs and should get them in the mail next weekend :)  So I'm am well entertained. lol

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well this week has been  ... I don't even know.  Sunday night,  had a headache. has been one earthquake after another...right now we are having another one! jesus!

so...3 headaches this week.... graduation ceremony yesterday...

earthquake tonight M6.8 complete with tsunami warning for northern Tohoko...and 3 more earthquakes since then. Just had one now...M6.1  in Chiba which could have after shocks. Fun.

So I'm tired, and feeling a bit stressed out.

Graduation was a rather somber event with quite a bit of crying and only a few smiles at the end.  I was given roses by 5 of my students (all boys).  So I got 5 beautiful roses. <3<3<3

now I'm going to try to get some sleep.


Jun. 4th, 2011 12:13 pm
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Waking up to my house shaking me out of bed and my earthquake alram blaring was NOT how I wanted to spend my night.  I went to bed at 12 and got a rude awakening at 1am on the dot! Talk about an adrenaline rush.  I was so disoriented I basically just sat on my bed shaking while my heart tried to pound it's way out of my chest until it stopped.  Then I sat there for about a minute trying to decide if I should listen to music until I calm down enough to sleep again or get up and turn on the tv to find out what happened.  In the end I decided to call my mom and talk until I felt better while I had the tv on to find out the details.

M5.6 of the coast of Iwaki (basically, my backyard). No Tsunami.

So I talked to my mom for about an hour. By 2am I was feeling calm again and ready to head back to bed. I listened to music until about 2:50 and then slept until 8 this morning.

On an happier note,

Sam, Susan, Chelsea, and Hiroshi came over last night. We played games for 4 hours :) I was introduced to Skip-Bo, Forbidden island and BANG! So much fun. I kicked everyone out just before midnight and went to sleep only to be thrown out of bed an hour later.

So far today there has been 3 more all a few minutes apart. 


I would be very happy if the Earth would stop shaking.

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Thursday was my first day of real teaching. I taught grade 5 and during 5th period the parents came into class to watch the classes being taught.  I had a rather large audience.  The class went well, we all had fun, and at the end Iito Sensei asked the class to give some comments on how they enjoyed the class.  What we got was 3 kids telling everyone (parents included) that they really enjoyed having English class with me again after so long and that the class was a lot of fun and that they missed me.  So then Iito Sensei asked them " So you prefer having Lisa Sensei here?" and the entire class said that it was much better with me there.  <3

After class I went back to the teacher's room to wait for the end of school and watched the thunderstorm that was raging outside.  It was Amazing!  The thunder shook the entire building; it felt very much like an earthquake. It lasted for nearly 2 hours which meant I had to walk home in it. lol

Friday was a holiday so I spent the day at home and went to the store to buy some cups and mugs to replace the ones that broke during the earthquakes.

My fridge is making really weird noises....

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the bats that live in Izumi.  My town, or at least my part of town, is full of these small, adorable bats.  They fly in circles around the buildings and in the parking lot outside my apartment. They have never tried to come inside and are so much fun to watch.  They are so cute!  I kinda love them, just a little bit.

Tonight when I went to the 7/11 to pick up a few things I noticed that there are bats everywhere.  From the moment I step out of my door right up to the parking lot of the 7/11 I can see bats flying around.  They must be fruit bats or something because with that many bats there shoudn't be nearly as many bugs as there are!

on a small note, Iwaki went a bit crazy today throwing more than 5 earthquakes at us in about  2 hours time.  lately the earthquakes have been happening early morning and evening, but today they happened in the afternoon.  Started with a 5.3 just around the corner from me and then within 30 minutes there were two more small ones and then another small one 20 minutes after that.  There have been a couple more small ones since.  I hope that tonight is quiet.  Last night I left my phone in the other room for the first time since March 11th and apparently my earthquake alarm went off at 2am and I slept through it. That probably means there was no earthquake in my area and had the phone been in the room with me I would have panicked over nothing.  So now I'm torn as to whether I should keep my phone in my room with me or not....

I guess that's about it for now.


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