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Yesterday we got in the car (well, 2 cars because we didn't fit in one car) and drove to Dunnville. We stopped in at a Tim Horton's on the way to get coffee and I got a 20 pack of timbits to share with Laura. It took about 2 hours to get there, including the stop, and we arrived a little after 12:30.

After all the introductions were done, and there were A LOT, we opened presents (for Cathrine, Ron, Joshua and Laura's Gran). Then all the kids (and by that I mean anyone under 28) went out back to play on the trampoline and some of the kids played box hockey. There were were 5 kids under 18 and 4 of us under 28 and we all acted like we were 10. It was AWESOME! I took way too many pictures that I am going to spend forever and a day trying to upload to facebook later.... none of the pictures with the baby will be anywhere online because his dad doesn't want them online, so I'll be sending a tone of e-mails so that family members can have copies.

Then we ate!

and ate.....and ate.....yeah.

We had (from left to right on the buffet table!) Lasagna, chicken curry with vegetable rice, Turkey, ham with pineapple slices, stuffing, bread, corn and peas in a bowl, mashed potatoes and gravy! that was just the main course. we had two tables set, one was for the people under 18. lol I haven't been to a family gathering that required more than one table in quite some time so it was really nice to be at the adult table for once...even if I don't really feel like an adult half the time.

Each plate had a sticker on the bottom and each sticker corresponded with a prize. Kian won sidewalk chalk... Laura and I each one a candy puzzle (Laura ate hers yesterday, I forgot mine at Grans). Gran won the grand prize which was a giant purple clapper! lol

After dinner, but before dessert, all of us kids (under 28) went out front to play with bubbles! Kian had gone out before us to play with his chalk on the we ambushed him outside! heeheehee!
We had long plastic tubes full of soapy water and nice big wands to produce large bubbles. We ran around the front lawn and ran in circles to make as many bubbles as we could. I took turns with Laura taking pictures of all the antics, and making bubbles myself. Eventually everything degenerated into a slime war. (bubble soap is surprisingly slimy!) We were all covered in soap.

Then it was time for dessert. There was another table set completely covered in sweets. There was pecan pie, lemon meringue pie, vanilla ice cream, giant strawberries covered in white and milk chocolate (bu they were still frozen so I just ate the chocolate off of it), pastries, tablet (which is like fudge but not)(it's Scottish), and last but certainly not least, BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! Really good birthday cake that turned Laura's lips blue because she had too much icing (the blue balloon).

After dessert we all ended up back on the trampoline. It's amazing nobody threw up! We ended up sitting outside talking and jumping until it was time to go home. I got a tone of hugs from everybody! It took us 90 minutes to drive home. Laura's sisters and the baby were in the other car with Ron driving...they were about 15 minutes behind us when we left and they somehow made it back before us. Laura's parents were not impressed. was shocked to see them there..with smiles on their faces no less!

Laura and I went for another walk around the lake and chatted and then watched youtube videos until about 10 at which point I went to bed. It was a totally awesome, amazingly great day!!!
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I'm back in Toronto again this weekend, this time visiting my friend Laura, whom I met during my first year at Carleton U.
We planned this little get together a month ago and I found a really cheap flight and here I am! Had a bit of a misunderstanding about arrival dates and times...not really sure how that happened, but Laura somehow forgot I was coming yesterday (Saturday) and thought I was coming on Friday instead. So...she was working when I was scheduled to arrive in Toronto. Luckily her mom had the day off so she picked me up at a country Style Donuts shop not too far from the airport. Then I spent a few hours just chatting with Laura's mom waiting for Laura to finish work.

I got a little bit of studying done then when Laura's mom went to pick her up from work, Laura's sisters arrived. One of Laura's sisters has a little baby boy who is almost 5 months old. He is absolutely adorable! I ended up playing with the baby for a while and then Laura came home and we sat around talking and playing with the baby. Then at about 4:30 Laura and I went out for a walk. This part of Mississauga is so beautiful. Laura's backyard opens out into a park and a trail that goes all around the city. There is a lake nearby and we walked around it and I got some really nice pictures of a red winged black bird, and Canada geese, some ducks the was really nice. We got back to the house around 5:30, which was really good timing because about 40 minutes later this really big wind storm hit and it lasted for hours!

We had a big BBQ for dinner last night. Hamburgers and Polish Sausage, bratwurst and ceaser salad, coliflour salad and coleslaw and then chocolate cake. It was Laura's sister's birthday so we sang and had the cake and just talked for hours. I was pretty much falling asleep at the table by about 9:30. I lasted until about 10 and then gave up and went to bed. I slept pretty good too and I even slept through the baby waking up and "screeching" at 3am. I am so glad I slept through that.

Woke up this morning at 8 and went downstairs for breakfast...The Easter Bunny came and I got a chocolate bunny! lol I was pretty happy to be included in that! Laura's mom made Laura and I bacon and Eggs and I made toast and had yogurt with it too. Best home cooked breakfast I've had in a while. I'm being totally spoiled here.

Today we are driving to Laura's grandmother's house. She lives about a 2 hour drive from here. We are going for lunch (more like early supper) and I've been told there will be Turkey, Ham, Lasagna, and so much more! It turns out that Laura's Aunt Debra is a SCAPER! And she is or was on Terra Firma. Apparently a few years ago we had chatted there a few times. I'm really looking forward to meeting her in person.

So now I'm waiting for everyone else to be ready to go. Yesterday I was told we would be leaving around 10am...almost no one is ready to leave yet so I have some time to kill.

Yesterday was a lot of fun and I'm thinking today is going to be pretty awesome too!


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