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Today was absolutely amazing!!!  Especially for [ profile] kazbaby !!!

Ben told [ profile] kazbaby  that he likes her videos.  Every year Kaz gives Ben a DVD full of music videos that she's made.  And today he told her that he likes them a lot and that they are really good.  As you can imagine, Kaz is walking on cloud number 9!

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First thing's first...


You really deserved to win Kaz.  You truley are amazing!  So amazing in fact that Raelee told everyone in the room that Kazbaby should do videos professionally!!!!  What an amazing compliment!!!  You completely deserve it Kaz!!  Congratulations!

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11:00pm on the dot in California...which means it's about 2am in Ottawa...and I really should be in bed....
Just got back from the "smashing cabaret".  Today was soooo much fun!!!!!    Started off the day by going to the Terra Firma breakfast.  Signed a cook book for David Franklin and I get to give it to him tomorrow when I get my photo taken with him.  Yay me!  I'm gonna give him his cook book and then ask him to please put me in a headlock for the photo. I already have one with him hugging me so now I want a fun one.  I'm gonna ask Ben Browder to stand back to back with me with our arms crossed and with goofy grins.

So at breakfast this morning I met [ profile] ixchup and hung out with [ profile] kazbaby  and met some other scapers: Casper F. Joke, Chaz, Scorpsik, and so many others it would take over a paragraph to list them all!  At about 10am we had the TF meet up photo op.  Hank took a few pictures and they have now been posted on TF. We hung out until 11ish and then went for food.  At about 1pm we headed out to pre-registration and got our entry braclets and then did some shopping.  I got way too much clothes, and a few pictures...and I bought a whole bunch of photo-op tickets.

David was on stage first. David told us that he has become a Super Hero.  He is very proud of that fact!  He did the voice for a super hero in a cartoon called Ben Ten Live. (I've never seen or heard of it.)  He did the voice of Heat Blast (with the super power of POWER BALL!)  He kept reminding us over and over again that he had prepared an amazing show for the "smashing cabaret" that happens to open tonight.  He seemed really excited about it. I got a few good pictures of him.  He told us his most embarassing moment and turned it into a great hilarious story about POWER BALLS!!!  Apparently he had been in a Shakespeare play and his pants had ripped at the seem in the crotch and ONE testicle fell out and was just hanging there...and he was trying to inconspicuously poke it back in. HAHAHA!!!   

There were som really fun music videos between actors on stage too.  After David was finished Tricia and  [ profile] ninja007  went back to our room to watch the DVD creation made of last years convention. It was 90 minutes of Ben Browder on stage from last year.  It was a lot of fun.  We sat on the bed eating chocolate and fuzzy peaches and drinking Pepsi while watching Ben Browder entrance us on the computer screen. [ profile] ninja007 drooled on me.

At 5:45pm we went back to theconvention hall to watch Gigi Edgly perform on stage.  She gave us a small sneak peak at a movie she's in called "Nobody Knows". It looks interesting and I think I'll watch it if it comes to my area. 

We went to Denny's for supper. Then at 9pm we went to the Cabaret.  Anthony Simcoe, David Franklin, and Gigi Edgley each spent about 30 minutes on stage.  Anthony showed us a short movie called The Garden Tale. Gigi was in it, and so was Johnathan Hardy.  It was about 20 minutes long.  Really interesting.   Gigi sang 3 songs with a guy names Chad. and David did a musical type performance outlining his relationship with Scorpius and Grayza and his competition with Sikozu over Scorpius' attention/affection. He sang a duet with a lady (Does He love you like he loves me).  Such an amazing performance!

So today was fun, to say the least!
I'm going to bed now because I have to get up at 7 tomorrow.
It's gonna be fun!

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Slept over at Tricia's on Wednesday night and we got up at 3am and called a taxi and arrived at the airport at 3:45.  Caught our first plane at 6am to Toronto and from there flew to Denver and from there flew to Burbank, California 13 hours after leaving home!  YAY!!  God I was so tired! Tried doing homework,,,,that definitely didn't  work...I dozed off instead.  When we got to the hotel I was very shocked by how different the hotel is !  They changed everything!!!  We are hanging out outside this year. kinda cool....

Met [ profile] ninja007  as soon as I got off the shuttle bus...she almost knocked me over!!! Really great hugs!!  We talked for a bit and did the meet and greet and then 9 of us decided to go across the street to Denny's.  went with [ profile] ninja007 , Cherry and her beautiful baby boy (11 months), Camera Scaper and Mark, Monkey04, UTchick, Crystal Moon, Tricia, and Aeon.

Tricia needed a handle (screen name) so we asked her what her favourite character is and we broke her cause she couldn't pick just one.  I said that she acts like D'Argo so Tentacle Boy got thrown onto the table and then someone else said Tentacle girl...whcih then thurned into Tentacle Porn because Tricia's mind is always in the we are calling her TP for short!  

We crashed at 8:30 last night...and of course [ profile] kazbaby  arrived after I went to bed. so I didn't see her until .. Just now!  she's off to Denny's now for Breakfast.

Well the day is starting and I need food!  This is going to be one hell of a weekend!



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