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It's been a busy couple of weeks.

The new ALTs have all arrived (both A group and B Group) and we got a total of 11 new teachers. They seem like a good bunch.  I've met and talked with all of them but one.  There are a few in particular that I can see myself getting along with very well as we have quite alot of the same interests.

August 6th and 7th were the Enjoy English lessons at LATOV mall. 8 of the new ALTs (Group A) helped out a bit where they could since they had only just arrived a few days before. It went really well.  August 6-8 was also Iwaki's Tanabata Festival so after work we enjoyed the festival and all the great food and performances it had to offer :)  I got to know one of the ALTs pretty well. Her name is Erica and she's from Australia. She's very nice and we have alot of the same morals and ideas about how things should be. That, I have learned, is the extent of what we have in common. We have no interests in common at all! lol  But I think we'll get along just fine.  I'm just not sure we should hang out much without other people around to entertain us.

August 10 I went shopping with Erica and I actually found a pair of capris style kahkis (sp?) that fit me.  Japan sizes are done in cm, and I'm a size 92. It is the largest size the store carries, but I'm quite relieved to find a store that does carry my size! Once I start to lose some weight, or at least lose some inches off my waist, I'll have more selection to what I can buy.  Erica slept over that night and the next morning we were up early for our day of volunteering at the MLB Roadshow.  We went to the station for 8am to meet up with the new ALTs who had volunteered (they had never been to Yotsukura before) and Michael was having a hard time breathing and panicing a bit. He's from Scottland and REALLY not used to the heat and high humidity. So I told the others how to get to the festival grounds and took Michael into the Maruto Power Drug (which was the only store open at that time of the morning).  He was fine after a few minutes in the air conditioning.

When we got to the festival grounds, I was told to go pick out a yukata (summer kimono) and put it on.  My first thought was, how am I supposed to help out with the roadshow (baseball) in a yukata?  Well, it turns out that we weren't going to be helping out with the MLB part of the festival. hahhaa, damn! what a let down.  But I got to choose a nice yukata, and then I was told, that I got to keep it!!! I've wanted to get myself a yukata for a while, but finding one that will fit me is hard since I'm so tall and wide.  Well mine is navy blue with bunnies :)   Here's a pic!

Lisa's Yukata

We did our thing, and we got free Ben and Jerry's ice cream (I tried mint chocolate chunk, and Chunky Monkey. I can't decide which I like best).

I took Michael, Erica and Jeremy back to my place for a while in the afternoon because I needed to charge my cell phone and Michael looked ready to drop.  Michael took a pillow and passed out on my hard wood floor for 2 hours before we had to shake him awake. He felt better after though, and we went back to the festival.  It rained all night, but there were fireworks, and we had a temporary building set up for us (the ALTs and invited guests) to have a dance party! All you could drink alcohol for 2000 yen ($20) or 500 yen per drink. I went home around 12:30. Erica slept over again that night but she didn't get back until after 3am. I left my door unlocked for her and, thankfully, didn't hear a thing when she came back.

This week was obon, and that means no work.  I have this whole week what did I do? I offered to go into work today and tomorrow for 2 hours in the morning to coach students on the English speeches.  Tomorrow after work, I'm going into Taira to go to the sports shop with my Japanese teacher to buy some dumbbells and some other stuff for workouts and running.  I'm also going to go couch shopping.  I need something (couch, recliner, arm chair) I don't care what, just something I can relax in!

Next week I have no classes, but I"ll be coaching students from 4 schools on their speeches. The contest is on the 30th.  School starts up again on August 27th.  August is going by so fast! I want my vacation to start over!!

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YAY!! My legs don't hurt any more!!! It took a week, but I'm back in the game!

Friday I was dumb, and I forgot my wallet at work and the school is closed and locked until tomorrow. ooopps.  Thankfully [ profile] syuria lent me some money last night so I could pick up some essentials to tide me over until I can get my wallet back tomorrow.

Last night was the first summer festival in Iwaki. There were celebrations in Ueda and Yotsukura.  I danced in the parade at the Yotsukura Nebuta Festival. It took 2 hours to get from the starting point at the beach to the ending point at the train station.  The parade started at sunset and all the floats were lit up and it was awesome!   The dance was very simple, instead of walking normally in the parade we took 3 steps to the right and jumped from our left foot with our right leg bent up and then 3 steps to the left and jumped up on our right foot with our left leg bent up and repeat.  And you clap on each jump.  I was very tired by the end.  We had 2 short breaks during the parade and we were given a small drink during the first break and a larger drink at the end. I was completely soaked by the time we finished.  I got a few pictures and then headed home.  Everyone was saying that we would all be sore today, but I'm proud to say that I don't hurt at all! :D

After that I went over to [ profile] syuria's and played Settler's of Catan for the first time.  I lost, but I had fun playing.

I got home around 11:30pm and called my brother and we chatted for about an hour.  He helped me set up my stats for my RLRPG character.  I'm a level one half-elf :)  We went through the NerdFitness website and my brother said he thinks it's interesting. He already works out with some friends so he may not do anything with NF, but he seemed interested in some of the articles.

I've been looking into recepies for a paleo diet and I must say that I am finding lots of meals that I am really looking forward to trying! I am not exactly clear on the difference between paleo and primal, but I think a lot of the recipes I'm interested in are primal recipes.  Things like Shawarma Salad, Taco Bowl with Crispy Kale Chips, Fajita Fritata, Ultimate Almond Pie Crust with Pumpkin Filling, Beef Burgandy, and so much more :)  Yum!!  I'm going to try to change my diet to 80% paleo and leave one day a week where I can eat what I want.

On another note, I successfully made an apple cinamon cake today using pancake mix.  I didn't add any sugar, just the mix, 2 eggs, butter, milk and cinamon and apple slices.  It turned out really well!  I'm quite happy with it!!

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This morning I called my mom and taked with her for about an hour.  Then I called my other mom and talked with her and her family for another hour and then I went to the drug store to get some much needed medicine.  I ended up having to ask for help finding what I needed and the lady explained the two different kinds of meds that I could use and I went with the less was expensive. I grabbed a large tube of aquafresh toothpaste for 98 yen (under a dollar) and some cookies. I brought 15 bucks with me and I came home with 24 yen (cents). Talk about cutting it close lol.

At 11am I left my apartment and headed of to Izumi Elementary.  I brought a water bottle and about 6 dollars with me.  I thought it was a small school ffestival. I knew that students from my other school, Izumi North, would be there but I was not expecting the crowds that were there. There were stalls set up with toys for sale (including two stalls selling toys guns, I'm talking AK47s and machine guns and all kinds of models I'd never seen before. weird to be selling that stuff at an elementary school. I bought some fried chicken which I only ate half of because it was too greasey.

Some of my students stipped to say hi and we talked for a while and watched the relays and races that were going on.  Then when I realized I was starting to burn one of the girls invited me to go sit with her family under the makeshift tents they had put up all over the grounds.  Just a tarp with four poles over a tarp on the ground. There were tonns of them set up and each one was designated for a section of the city.  So I joined a few families under one of the tarps and we ate together. it looks like the food was provided because everyone was eating the same things and drinks were being passed around. I'm glad I had my water because most of the drinks were cans of tea.   One of the ladies spoke really good Egnlish so we spoke both Japanese and English. Then the reason I went started. Both elementary schools have a marching band a colour guard.  Both schools performed at the festival.  

For Izumi Kita Elementary we moved up the front so that we could see better. As I was sitting there in the sun watching the colour parade my nose started bleeding.  Despite having bought a bunch of those little packetts of tissue yesterday I didn't have any with me.  So I was sitting there with my nose pinched and I could feel blood dripping on my I gave in and asked if anyone had any tissues at which point people became concerned that my nose was bleeding for no reason and they figured it was the heat. So I moved further into the shade and someone gave me a bunch of kleenex and then a few minutes later someone came over and gave me a cold, wet, very white, towel.  So I cleaned my hands and face on it and finished watching the parade with my nose pinched and a towel covering my face. Just a little embarassing.

I've met quite a few of my students parents in passing so , yeah, just a little embarrassing. It probably was from the heat.  I felt much better with the cold towel. So once the parade was done I stood up and was asked by a few people if I was ok. I assured everyone I was fine and just a little embarassed and then I asked who the towel belonged too. I wanted to wash it and then give it back. It took a few minutes to find the nice lady and she told me not to worry and to please keep the towel.  She said it was not a problem.  So I  took a paper cup and filled it with cold water and re-wet the towel to wear around my neck.  About that time I was talking English again with Sakura's mom and we noticed a small group of very young children watching us and their parents were watching them. lol  Then Sakura's mom told them that I understand Japanese and that they can talk to me.  One of the smallest kids came up and asked me in Japanese if I can speak normal too?  Normal being Japanese. lol  all of the adults started laughing and I told her that I could speak normal. I think she was a bit embarassed because everyone was laughing.  None of the kids wanted to talk though. lol   That's about the time that I decided I'd been there long enough and it was time to go home.  It took me just under 20 minutes to walk there and about the same to get back.  It wasn't as hard to walk there as it is to I'm not sure but I think I might just walk there most days instead of biking. There are an awful lot of stairs! So I will still get my work out! lol  And once it gets cold out I might enjoy biking there.

Now I'm home drinkng ginger ale dry (Canada Dry)...hey I just noticed it's Canada Dry...excellent! and eating County Ma'am chocolate chip cookies (individually wrapped, of course) and listening to the New Hot 89.9 on my computer.

I hope you are all having a good day..or a nice night as I think it's about 12:30am in Ottawa....  sweet dreams everyone!


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