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My Halloween classes all went very well this week! I wore my costume to school yesterday and all the kids (and the teachers) loved it! It was the scariest costume any of them had seen in person (because Halloween here is seriously scewed!  It's way more cute than scary).  No one knew it was me until I started talking.  All the kids kept asking who I was. lol

I told all the kids that I would be handing out candy at my apartment and that they were welcome to come "Trick-Or-Treating" on Halloween night.  I had to repeat over and over again that if they didn't wear a costume, I would not be giving them candy.  I even went so far as to write on the board "no costume = no candy".  Most of the kids already knew where I live but I wrote my address on the board for them.  I ended up with about 30 kids which is less than I hoped for but more than I realistically expected.  I still have lots of candy left over...especially since a few of the kids gave ME candy! lol  I think about 6 of them gave me candy, and one girl gave me a bouquet of fake roses. lol   All but 4 kids came dressed up, and the 2 out of the 4 didn't even want candy.

The first 3 kids to come to my door were the little guys that live in my building.  The youngest is 4 and the oldest is in grade 6.  They were all dressed up and very excited! The youngest one was a bit nervous of my costume at first, but once he realized it was "just me", he was alright.  They went to my place and the other Canadian's place (Mai-Linh lives on the second floor while I live on the first floor).  They were so cute! It was their first time trick or treating and although they only had two doors to go to, they are already looking forward to next year.

Mai-Linh came over and helped hand out some candy and we watched Hotel Transilvania. 

Today I finished preparing my presentation for the Skills Development Conference next week and made all my copies for the people that will be participating in my workshop.  I think I'm ready! I'm nervous, but looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I go back to the doctor's to get my foot checked again.  Hopefully it's healed enough that I can lose the crutches and the half cast. My foot still hurts, and walking is a bit of a pain, but hopefully things will continue to get better from here on out.  I'm sick of being so slow and awkward.  I'm really looking forward to getting to the point where the heavy blankets don't hurt my foot and I can lie in whatever position I want without my foot screaming at me because it's in a bad position.  Sleeping shouldn't be this hard.

Thank god this is a long weekend! Tomorrow I refuse to get out of bed before 7am! Then Sunday and Monday I can sleep as much as I want! (or as much as I can...?)  Then Tuesday the taxi will pick me up at 6:45 to take me to the Board of Education and from there all the Iwaki ALTs will hop a bus to Fukushima city for thee Conference.  The last 2 years the hotel rooms have been so warm that none of us "foreigners" have been able to sleep well, if at I'm not anticipating sleeping much there either.

Energy drinks are becoming my best friend...

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My Halloween costume was a big hit at yesterday's party for the elementary chocolate kids. 60 kids participated and every one of them showed up in costume! The parents all loved my costume and many of them insisted on getting pictures of their kids with me. I, of course, loved the attention. My ankle, which I sprained and pulled some ligaments, held up well enough for me to wear the pirate boots. I have a half cast that I'm supposed to wear and crutches I'm supposed to use, but for the party I just wrapped my ankle well and hobbled around...very carefully. All went well and everyone had a great time. The only downside was that the material the pants are made of is so flimsy that the pants ripped...a lot. So I'll need to wear different pants on Halloween day at work. But I have a pair that will work, so it's all good!

And once again I'm so exhausted that I don't even feel like eating... It's now almost 5 pm and all I've had to eat today is 3 pieces of chicken. I still don't feel hungry...but I think it's time to go get some food. And I'm too lazy to cook, so I'm going to the corner store. Maybe I should get out of my pjays...

This week is Halloween lessons and I've got 7th grade covered, but 9th grade has me stumped... I have no idea what to do with them, and I have to teach them tomorrow...and I just can't find it in me to care. God, I hope I feel better tomorrow.

Ok, food. Maybe I'll feel better after food..and veggie juice.

Oh, yeah. That earthquake and tsunami the other night didn't cause me any problems. Earthquake woke me up, because as we all know, 90% of the earthquakes happen in the dead of night! But I slept through the tsunami. Yeah, that's how tired I am... I didn't even think to check about tsunamis...good thing it was only 1m and so was nothing to worry about. The typhoon 2 weeks ago caused more problems...oh I have a video of that I will post later. So, yes...all is well here after the earthquake.

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I’ve been teaching Halloween for the past week and I’ll be teaching it tomorrow and Friday too.  I’ve taught grade 3s and 4s and this week I’ll be teaching grades 5 and 6.

I start the class off with a history of Halloween and explain why the name changed from All Hallows Eve to Halloween and then explain how it used to be known as night of the dead and why.  Then I talk about Jack-O’-Lanterns and how they were used to ward off evil spirits and how they are used today.

Then I go through all the various symbols of Halloween and show pictures of each. I get all the kids to repeat the words in English and tell me what they are in Japanese.  They all have fun with Mummy because it is so close to Mommy. lol

Then I talk about Halloween in Ottawa.  I tell them all about the Ottawa Zombie Walk,


The Haunted House, Haunted Hey Ride and Haunted Mazes at Saunders Farm in Munster (which is pronounced Monsta- in Japanese) and about how we all decorate our houses to make them scary because everyone knows that the scary houses are the popular ones!  By the end of the first half of class (about 20-25 minutes) everyone wants to go to Canada for Halloween!

The last half of class is spent colouring Halloween pictures while listening to Halloween music that I put together on a CD. I’ve got Michael Jackson’s Thriller, The Ghost Buster’s Theme, This is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas, and What’s this from the same movie. The songs take about 20 minutes to get through so they usually finish just by the end of class. 

While the kids are working I tend to walk around with home-made spiders and drop them on the kids’ heads or stuff them down the back of their shirts.  The kids find it hilarious.  Much laughter ensues.



When they are done I tell them to bring their pictures home and put them up in their windows.

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On Friday I taught grade 5 at Izumi.  I taught a class that I had already taught a month ago at Izumi North, so I had no preparations to make.  I also taught the Special Ed kids in the izumi class.  I really like teaching those kids!!

I wore my padraid slippers to school that day instead of my white indoor shoes. So when the izumi class kids came to get me and bring me to class, they commented on my slippers before taking my hands in theirs and leading me to class.  I love how tactile those kids are (hand holding, high fives, and even hugs sometimes).  Well at one point, one of the kids litterally pulled my slipper off so he could try it on himself, which led to half the kids lighing up to try on my slippers!  I let them.  That started a conversatin about how big my feet are :)

After that I read them a story, " Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?" and we sang some songs to end the class.

That night, Kiyoko called me to tell me that Yokubenimaru was having a sale and everything was on sale. So she picked up me and Sayaka and we went grocery shopping and I picked up a few other necessities.  She promised to call me whenever she hears of a sale day.

On Saturday I went to the Izumi School Recital!  Each grade had a 20 minutes performance.  The grade 6s had a 35 minutes performance.  It  started at 8:30am and finished at 11:40am.  It was amazing!  All the kids and teachers worked really  hard for this and it turned out wonderfully!! The gym was FULL of spectators!

I got pictures of each performance and a few videos too of the kids singing and playing their intstruments! For a bunch of elementry school kids they are really good! I'm really glad I got to go!

The grade 1s told the story of these little woodland creatures who protect this treasure. But they don't know what's in the treasure chest.  The birds of the forrest want the treasure for themselves and they fight over it.  Then when I fire breaks out in the forest they must work together to put the fires out and in the end the lock on the box is broken and they look inside to find the words NAKAYOKU which means to get along.  That is the treasure they must protect. Friendship.

The grade 5s were up next and they did dance and taiko and stuff.  They were all really good too!

Next up was the grade 2s with their rendition of Peter pan!! They were so cute!  Also very clueless about real native it was almost offensive...but they really don't know any better here.  And have I mentioned cute?

Next up were the grade 4s!!  The grade 4s are an amazing group of percussionists, xilophone players, accordian players, recorder players, and these little nifty instruments that you have to blow into to get sounds but that you play like a keyboard....sideways! lol  I've never seen them before i came here. 

The grade 3s did a comedy stint and played music by hitting bamboo! It was really good!

The grade 6s were last and they did a piece about war.  They told three stories of war and how it impacted families.   A lot of it was too dark to get good photos of but i have a cast shot from the end.  It was really good. Reminded me of Rememberance Day Ceremonies back in high school.

It was an awesome performance!! I am really proud of all of them!!  All the kids at Izumi have today off because they had to go to school on Saturday. I unfortunately wasn't at Izumi today so I had to go to work.  Izumi North has their recital next Saturday and I'm looking forward to it!!

Sunday I slept a lot!! I called a few people in the morning after being woken up at 6:00am by what I thought were drums but were actually fireworks. I didn't realize it but, Izumi had a festival going on all weeknd just on the other side of the train station.  Ithought it was next week so I missed it. lol  Although, that definitely explains all the fire works throughout the weekend! lol  I had a nice relaxing weekend where I read, slept and talked to friends while preparing for this weeks lesson on Halloween!

Today I taught my lesson on Halloween to the grade 4s at Izumi North.  I got a simple version of the history of Halloween and Jack-O'-Lanterns and a whole tone of pictures together and made a cd of halloween music.  After my explanation and pictures I had made for them while they listened to the halloween cd.

All the classes seemed to really emnjoy the class. I'm happy for that because I'm using the same lesson all week.  Tomorrow my classes have been cancelled so I have nothing to do until lunch and then I have to go to Taira for a meeting at the BOE.  After that I am going to Kojima to buy a DVD player because I have heard from other ALTs that our points have come in.  I get $200 worth of points that I will use to buy my DVD player! I can't wait!!!!

Momoth post from hell is finished!!!! thank god.


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