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to Tokyo! Finally.  Had no problems getting out of Ottawa, but the flight from Detroit to Tokyo was delayed, on the runway, for over 3 hours due to winds and other planes needing to use the same runway as a result. We even had to refeul before take off.  Instead of leaving at 3:25, we left 7! lol  so I got to Tokyo much later than expected. Then had to wait for the second express because the first wasn`t running today.  Got to the hotel at 10:30.

I got up to my room and put my bags down and my earthquake alarm went off.  It was in Chiba so big enough for us to feel and to sway with it. It was a long one too. But it wasn`t strong here. Just annoying. I hope there are no more until morning. I want to sleep tonight! lol

It:s now 11:15 and I`m heading off to bed.  I:ll be heading back to Iwaki tomorrow.

Off to take some melatonin. Pleasant day/evening all!
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I've bought my plane ticket and booked myself a bed at Sakura Hostel in Asakusa, Tokyo.  I'm all set :)  I'll be heading back to Japan on Wednesday the 20th, arriving in Tokyo Thursday evening and then spending the night in Tokyo before heading back to Iwaki on Friday!  I'm so ready to go home :)

I had originally planned on staying here for only 2 weeks. I was supposed to head back on the 4th, but the water hadn't been restored to my town and wasn't going to be worked on untl April 6th-10th.  So based on that I changed my flight to the 14th.  Then Iwaki got hit by a 7.1 that caused some land slides, and knocked out power and water to most of the city again.  Today 73% of the city has water restored and I think my town is included in that.  They are aiming to have the 100% restoration by the 20th.  So when I get back, I should have water :)

When I get back to Iwaki my friend [ profile] syuria , who also lives in Iwaki, will be coming to stay with me for a while.  Her town had been hit by the tsunami and closer to the Japanese evacuation zone, so she is reluctanct to go back. So I get the pleasure of her company for a while :)  I'm really happy about that because she's a really good friend and we get along great, aslo I'm not thrilled with the idea of living alone just yet.  Everything seems easier when you have someone else there with you.

First thing I'm going to do when I get home is fill the bath tub with water, just in case something happens and we lose water again.  Then I'm going to do laundry and start cleaning up my apartment.  Iwaki has been hit with at least 2 large earthquakes (M6 and M7) since the big 9.0 last month, so I can only imagine how messy my place must be. I bet all everything is once again in my kitchen sink and on the floor.  Not to mention all the dust!!  I have this mentle image of my aparment floors (wood) being white with dust instead of brown. I've been gone from my apartment since the 14th of March.   I haven't been to work since the 18th of Febuary.  2 months! Thank god I get salary and have sick leave and special leave and paid leave. Jeez! (as an aside, my back is a bit better, I got pain meds last Monday that are wonderful!)

Anyway, I've got a few days left in Ottawa, and I'm seeing people pretty much every day.  Yesterday was the exception. I enjoyed a lazy day and didn't leave the house until 10pm! lol  Took a sleeping pill to help me get to sleep at 3:00am this morning and then got up at 10 to go out for breakfast.  I still have trouble going to sleep at night.  Not because of nightmares, although I do have the ocassional bad dream about earthquakes, I'm just not able to sleep.  Last night I had phantom quakes in the middle of the night.  That was different.  I haven't had that since I was in Tokyo before coming back to Ottawa.  It didn't scare me, I knew what it was, but I thought it was weird that after 3 weeks of not having them, it would happen last night.

So [ profile] shaggiethegreat is coming over today which makes me happy since I haven't seen her since I first got here.  I'm looking forward to seeing her soon.

And I guess that is about it for now.  Aside from seeing my friends and not getting enough sleep, despite sleeping alot...things are pretty normal.  But really, it's time to go home :)
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I've been in Ottawa for 2 weeks now.  Having fun, sleeping a lot and keeping busy. 
Back is still bothering me, so I've decided to go and see about getting my health care taken off hold and see if I can get a temporary card so I can go to a doctor and get some pain meds.  yay. Going first thing tomorrow morning.

I had originally planned to go back to Japan on the 4th but latest intell says water will not be restored to my area until later that week.  So I will now be returning to Japan on April 14th.  I leave here around noon on Thursday the 14th, arrive in Tokyo at 5:30pm on the 15th, spend the night in Tokyo then take a bus to Iwaki on Saturday the 16th.  Long trip.  

So for now, I'm enjoying seeing all my friends and sleeping 8 or 9 hours a night.  Taking melatonin every night to help me get to sleep...some freaky dreams.  Seems everytime I think about going home, I have a nightmare about earthquakes.  =(   I'm hoping that doesn't last long.

Overall though, things are good.  I had to buy clothes when I got here, since I didn't really bring any with me.  Turns out I've gone from a size 18 pants to a 15!!  16s are too big and 14 is slightly too small. lol  YAY!!!! 

I saw PAUL in theatres last week and I'm going to see HOP today.  Hurray for new movies!!! Paul is absolutely hilarious!! I've seen it twice now and laughed all through it both times!  I highly recommend it!

That's all for now =)

Take care everyone!
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Yesterday was a nice quiet day.  We stayed in Montreal at my aunt and uncle's place all day.  I went to the little grocery store just up the street from their apartment with my aunt and bought a lot of food!  Everything is so cheap there!  I took a long nap after lunch and then we chatted all afternoon and watched tv. 

Aunt Diane made spare ribs for dinner and Uncle Dan made home made french fries with salad.  I ate way too much but it was so good I didn't want to stop eating! lol

We left Montreal a little after 8pm and we got home at 11pm. 

So now I'm home and relaxing today and tomorrow it's back to work.  I'm glad to be home, but at the same time I wish I was still in Quebec.  It will be at least another 6 month before I see any of them again (and that's only if we go visit for Christmas).  Maybe I can convince them to come here instead. lol

quick post

Aug. 21st, 2008 09:34 pm
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I'm home!

just thought I'd let everyone know.  I just got in the house about 20 minutes ago....have been on the move for 22 hours and haven't slept in over I'm going to bed right now.  Tomorrow I will do my best to upload some pics, make a post about yesterday/today...and go through the mountain of mail waiting for me on the kitchen table.  *sigh*

I hope everyone has a good night.


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