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Today I remembered why grade 8s can be so frustrating. EVERYTHING is funny to them. It's almost impossible to get anything done because they are too busy laughing and snickering at everything to pay attention. Even during a game!

Yes, the number "SIX" when said in English, resembles the word "SEX" (especially when heard by Japanese kids who do not have an SI sound in their language) and yes the letter "W" when written fast on the black board does look a little like boobs.  Do they have to laugh EVERY time you see a W or I say the word 6?  apparently they do.  I had to resort to calling out the group number in FRENCH! lol  and even when I wrote my W pointy, they still laughed at it.  So I gave up. And just let them laugh, and called out the number SIX randomly really loud, just to make them laugh (towards the end of class).  And not just the boys!!! one class it was boys, the other class it was the girls! I mean...seriously? LOL 

Kazuko Sensei eventually lost her temper with the second class and screamed at the kids for about 3 minutes. Then that class went splendidly :)  poor kids.

I am having caffeine withdrawl because the corner store replaced their red bull with sugar free crap. I haven't had a red bull since Friday and it's hard to teach a bunch of laghing hyenas when your head wants to fall off your shoulders.  Today when I went to the store they had my usual red bull (NO ASPERTAINE!! THANK YOU!) so I bought some. I am going to slowly cut back and hopefully avoid the headaches.  I am at the point where I drink a can every morning. I'm going to get down to half a can and then eventually none. But I'm going to do it slowly so I can still function! No more of this cold turkey! They better not switch the drinks again before I'm off the stuff! lol

Other than that...I need to clean my summer bedroom. It's horrendous! I need the space clean by Sunday because my friend Jeff will be spending the night at my place before heading off to his next stop on his whirlwind tour of Japan.  I'm looking forward to seeing him :) 

And only 8 more days until my trip to Hong Kong. I'm going out to dinner with Susan and Sam tomorrow to figure out our itinerary. We need to decide what to do on which day so we don't waste time going back and forth between places. The weather this week in Hong Kong as been sunny and hot. Highs of around 28C and lows around 23C in the evenings.  That is a beautiful summer day in Ottawa! lol  It's gonna be HOT! I can't wait!! =D


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