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Infected toe is still infected, but at least it's starting to look a little better.  been soaking it in hot salt water and then dosing it with peroxyde twice a day.  I hope that works. I don't want to have to go to a doctor.

Last week sucked! The only good day was Monday. lol  Tuesday I got heat stroke and was sent home early and had most of the teachers freaked out.  Wednesday I stayed home with a fever and dizzy spells and muscle aches and pains from the heat stroke.  Had to drink some OS-1 (Oral Rehydration Solution). It was gross. But not too bad if mixed with Aquarious sports drink.  I burnt my thumb on Wednesday morning making breakfast too.  Then on Friday night, while trying to treat my toe, I steamed two of my fingers to the point of blisters.  ouch.

last night my period decided to show up 4 days early and kick my ass.  cramps and back aches and I barely slept at all last night.  This morning wasn't much better so I called in sick.  Apparently we get 7 days of sick leave specifically for menstration, on top of our 20 days of paid sick leave.  Nice.  I think in 2 years I've only needed to use it 3 times.  But it's very nice to have.  I hope I can sleep tonight.

I feel guilty that I'm going to miss practice with Kanna this afternoon.  The speech contest is this Friday.  I'm not sure they'd appreciate me calling in sick and then showing up for an hour after school hours to coach a student.  I guess We'll stay later tomorrow to make up for today.  Why does this stuff always have to happen at the most inopportune times??? 

In other news, I bought the application form for the JLPT that will be held at the start of December.  I also bought a drill book to help with kanji and grammar.  It's time to crack down and study so I'll pass the test this time around.  I should have taken it back in July, so now I can't put it off any more.  Less than 3 months and counting! lol

I bought a pack of DVDs with dancing lessons on them.  I plan to dance my way to fitness.  The music is the kind of music I love and the dance moves are easy to follow and explained in 3 lessons on the DVD.  I haven't started dancing yet as my foot is pretty sore and walking hurts, so dancing is out. But they look fun and I can't wait to get started!  I plan to dance on days that I don't run :)  I'm really excited, I love dancing, but I'm really shy so don't like to do it in front of people, unless I really know what I'm doing. So this works out great. I can wear whatever I want, turn my AC on high, and dance all I want with no one watching lol.  It's great! :D

Lastly,  my birthday is this Friday.  I'll be 29.  I don't feel 29.  I don't really know how old I feel. lol  I just am.   I'm having a party Friday night. Nothing fancy, just dinner and Kareoke.  I made reservations for 17 people. I hope that will be enough. I have 16 confirmed and 1 maybe. The other 10 people haven't responded so I'm assuming they aren't coming.   Then on Saturday Nami and her daughter are coming over to my place for dinner.  I'm going to make poutine (they've never heard of it before) and turkey spare ribs, and I've got some meat pies too.  I've also ordered individual sized strawberry rubarb pies (x3) and individual sized triple chocolate brownies (x4). I figure this is great.  Just enough for a taste, and then there will be none left for me to eat later.  I'm doing really well with the paleo diet and I want to stick with it. But it's my birthday so I'm going to treat myself  =D  This weekend promises to be lots of fun :)
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I feel like I haven't posted in months....oh wait, I haven't. I don't know what happened to this past semester but it didn't stick around long. If feels like school just started and that's just not right!

This semester has been crazy! I've had about 30 hours of class each week!! I've been studying about 16 hours a week for the Japanese Laguage Proficiency Test (JLPT) (which is tomorrow) as well as doing my teaching methodology class and teaching practicum (where I have been observing and teaching! 2 first year Japanese classes on Thursdays). Things have been very busy but I've had so much fun with it all that I can't believe it's pretty much over now. Next semester my practicum will be in an ESL class instead of a Japanese class. I have no real interest in teaching English, but teaching Japanese is a lot of fun!

I went to the Farscape/Stargate SG-1/Atlantis convention in LA in November with [ profile] ninja007 and Tricia. My mom came with us too! We had a good time but my mom wasn't feeling well the entire time we were there and then cause i shared a room with her I got a bit sick too. But I wasn't sick long and it wasn't bad so I don't mind. I got a photo op with Joe Flanigan and another one with both Joe and Paul Mcgillion. I also got my last year's photo op with David signed. He laughed pretty hard about it. lol

I think that will be my last convention for quite a while because I will hopefully be moving to Japan in July to work for JET. My fingers are crossed.

So now I am in a pretty nice hotel room in Toronto cramming for the JLPT tomorrow morning. I'm staying at a Travelodge that is attached to a Perkin's Restaurant! That's pretty much the reason I picked this place...and it's about a 45 minute walk from York University which is where I have to take my exam tomorrow. I spent yesterday with my friend Laura whom I haven't seen since before school started when she moved back to Mississauga. We spent most of the day in down town Toronto getting lost and having fun. We went to Kensington Market and I bought a ring. A black ring for the middle finger on my right hand ( yes it does mean something). I like it.

I went swimming last night for the first time in about 8 years. I didn't do too much because I realized that I was using muscles that I don't normally use and i could feel them getting sore. hahaha. I'm a little stiff this morning but I am going to go swimming again tonight!

Anyways, I should get back to studying. I really want to pass this test since it's cost me about $500 for the flight and hotel and food and the test itself....I'll be pissed beyond belief if I screw it up lol.

Laura is supposed to come and have dinner with me tonight so I won't be alone all day lol.
Wish me luck!


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