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Ok, I know I've been away for a while.  I went home to Ottawa for Christmas and I will write about that soon. I promise. lol

Today I got up at o'dark hundred (5am) and left the house about an hour before the sun came up to catch the 6am Express to Tokyo (Ueno). From there I caught a train to Kanda and then switched over to the Chuo line to get to Hachioji.  I made it to Hachioji a little after 10am and took the bus to my old high school (Junshin).   My principal met me in the lobby and told me "Welcome Home!" lol.  It felt good.  I got to see a few teachers that I remembered and they were all amazed at how much my Japanese has improved. Especially Ayabe Sensei! He actually spent the majority of the time he was talking with me smiling!!! I think, in the year I spent at Junshin, I only saw him smile 3 times!!!  When I told my host mom, she told me he must have finally got married. LOL!!!

Just before 11:30 my principal asked me what my plans were for the day and when I told her that I was heading over to my host family's house, she called my host mom and offered to send me by taxi rather than take a bus.  So the school called a taxi for me and gave me a taxi chit so I wouldn't have to pay. A good thing too...Taxi's in Tokyo are a lot more expensive than in Iwaki!!  The cab fare started at 710 yen!! ($7.10) and went up 90 cents every other minute.  The 10 minute taxi ride (if it was even that long) cost over 17 bucks!  The taxi dropped me at the bus stop near my host family's house and I walked the last 5 minutes or so there. 

Okaasan made Yaki soba for me because she remembered that I love it so much! lol  Yuko wasn't there but her sister Tomoko was and the 4 of us (Okaasan, Otousan, Tomoko, me) ate lunch together and then I showed Okaasan my Christmas pictures and mom's surprise video.  I also showed her pictures of my apartment and Izumi.  We sat around the Kotatsu and talked for a bit and since I wasn't feeling too well (had one heck of a headache) I got a bunch of pillows and arranged them so I could sleep half under the warm kotatsu (a table with a heater built in under the table top and a blanket that keeps the heat under the table).  I slept for about an hour. It was really nice.

At 6pm we went to dinner at the same restaurant that they took me to the first night I stayed at their house 9 years ago and I hadn't been there since.  I love that restaurant! lol The food is amazing. I had sukiyaki! So good!

After dinner and more talking, Otousan dropped Okaasan and me off at the train station.  We checked to see if there were any special express trains heading to Ueno and there was one in 10 minutes. So Okaasan quickly showed me how the south entrance area of the station had changed. It's huge now, full of shops and a music hall! Next time I go we will be taking our time going through there! We also picked a restaurant to go to the next time I visit :)

I caught the 7:54 train and got to Ueno just before 9pm. Then I caught the subway train to Asakusa and promply got lost. lol  So I asked a guy on a bicycle where  kaminarimon-dori (a street) was and he asked me where I was going. So I told him to the temple and he was going there too, so we went together. And we talked the whole way there.  Then in front of the temple we met his friends and Fueda, grabbed my hand and pulled me over to the main gate so he could get a picture with me. Then made me get a picture with my camera too LOL.  Then he somehow talked me into giving him my phone number which he promtly experimented with calling me.  He asked me out to drink with them too, but I told him I was meeting some friends near by. lol.  Meanwhile, the guy who walked with me is trying to get him to knock it off and stop trying to get my number lol.   I'm not really sure what to think. lol

So while I was walking to the hostel I realized that he got my name, but I hadn't gotten his name LOL. oops.  Then I got a c-mail (like a text message) from him thanking me for the picture. I learned that his name is Fueda. 

I got to the hostel alright from the temple. I actually remembered the way from the last time I was here...but when I had come out of the subway, nothing had looked familiar. So I am really glad that I met that guy with the bike. I never got his name either. lol.  oh well.
Chelsea had told the people at the hostel my name so that when I got there they had a key ready for me.  Chelsea had booked a room for two and was tole we would either have 2 twin beds or a bunk bed.  It would be 3,150 yen a person. Turns out we got a room for 6 (3 bunkbeds) to ourselves! lol Nice!

The Flu is running rampid through all the schools at the moment.  The kids are dropping like flies. So far I've been ok, but today I felt kinda off.  I hope it's nothing or that I fight it off without actually getting sick.   I don't think I've ever had influenza before. I know I've had 24hour bugs and stomach bugs...but I don't think I've actually ever had the flu.  Last year a boy at one of my schools died from influenza, so they are taking it extremely serious here.  Influenza is nuts here...probably because the population is so high.  I figure as long as I keep up with the vitamin C and my veggies and get enough sleep I'll be fine.

So now I'm waiting for Chelsea to get back from where ever she is. She was hoping to be here before 10:30 which gives her 7 minutes. lol

Tomorrow we are going to the Science museum in Ueno to see the space exhibit. I've been hearing things about pictures of the Auror Borealis from space. I'm wondering if they will be part of the exhibit.  The exhibit goes until Feb.6th. So I'm glad I get to see it.

Ok, that's it for this report.  Internet is really cheap here. 100 yen for 30 minutes. a dollar! nice! lol
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 Today mom wasn't online, and she didn't comment on my last journal entry like she said she would if she didn't make it online....  How was the BBQ mom?  

So after spending my usual hour online this morning I went upstairs around 10am.  I was fixing my bag and getting ready to go to Hachiouji to meet Yuko when the french guys came in with a 2L of coke and a bottole of rum. haha... I looked at them and asked them if it wasn't too early for alcohol...they told me it's not too early cause they hadn't gone to bed yet.  Apparently they went out to Roppongi last night and didn't get back until 8am this morning...which is about the time that I was getting up. I could hear them talking and listening to music this morning but I didn't realize that they had just got back.  LOL  so we talked for a few minutes and then I took off.

Side note....I just got back about 5 minutes ago and now it is really raining hard outside!  I'm really glad I left to come home when I did or I would have got caught in the rain!!!  WOW the wind is really blowing hard out there!  I'm glad I don't have to go out tonight.

So I met Yuko at the Hachiouji train station at noon and we went to McDonalds for lunch. Then we took the bus to Junshin, and wow did that ever bring back memories!  When we got to Junshin the doors were locked so I called Sister Iwasaki and she came to meet us...she was in the chapel praying or something, I can't remember what she said.  We went inside and talked for a little over 30 minutes.  Yuko and I updated her on what we have been doing for the past few years. I told her about my school and my plans to teach in Japan for a few years and then go to Grad school in California to become a translator and interpretor in Japanese.  She commented that my Japanese has actually improved some since I left Japan despite my thinking the opposite. lol  Everyone seems to be very impressed by my level of competence.

After leaving Junshin we went to the library for a while...I fell asleep reading a book...the book was interesting but I was so tired that I just sat down on the nice padded bench with a back rest, next to Yuko and dozed off with the book in my hands. lol  We were there for an hour but it felt more like 20 minutes or so...I had a good nap.  :)

We met Yuko's boyfriend (Harushisa, but I'm allowed to call him Haru  \^o^/ ).  I like him, he's really nice, a little shy, and he's a few months younger than me.  They work at the same company (cheese factory?) I ate some of the cheese that he made, it's really good!  We went and had waffles and Haru paid for us (I didn't realize he was paying until I went to pay and it was already done...) and then we went and ate pasta for dinner.  He paid for that too.  I was wondering why they asked me if in Canada when a couple goes on a date if the guy pays or not. lol  Funny, I didn't think I was dating him too :)   He was falling asleep at the table so we decided to call it a night around 7pm.  Poor guy works about 50 hours a week.  and he looked so cute almost asleep at the table. lol

I told Yuko that he's really cute and that he's really nice and she did a good job getting him.  She laughed and agreed with me! lol

I noticed, and told Haru, how much Yuko has changed in the past 6 years.  She has a lot of self confidence now and Haru agrees that she is a very strong person.  I think you'd be really proud of her mom!

Anyways, I did groceries tonight and have food for tomorrow and breakfast for the next few days.  I think tomorrow I'm going to stay in and relax and do some studying and stuff... if I get bored I might go to Ueno.  Apparently Ueno has a zoo, a museum and a park.  I think I might go to the park tomorrow and then go to the zoo and the museum later this week. Yuko says the museum has little ear phones you can use to hear English translations of the tour. must be pre-recorded.  I don't think I'll need it, but it will be nice to have just in case.

Well that's it for today.
Have a good day everyone!

Did I forget anything Ralf??


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