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So, 2 days ago (July 28th) I moved from my apartment in Izumi, Iwaki to Yotsukura, Iwaki.  I was only given 2 and a half weeks notice that I would be changing schools and therefore have to move.  So I had about 10 days to actually pack up and clean my apartment.  Was Not Fun! 

I got it done, mostly because of Kiyoko, who came over the last 2 nights before the move and spent 3 and 4 hours, respectively, helping me pack and clean.  She even took me out to Yoku Beni (store) to get more boxes and while we were there we grabbed some McDonald's take out for dinner.

I got up at 6am on the 28th and finished packing the last of my stuff (my futon, pillows, alarm clock, curtains, etc.) and then passed the vacuum around again.  Then remembered the fridge! lol  So I packed all my cold food with ice packs in a cooler bag and packed the rest in shopping bags. Then cleaned the fridge.

It was 9:40 when I was finished the movers were supposed to be there at 9:30.  [ profile] defined came over at 9 to help with the move and Liam and James came with the movers (3 teachers from the BOE).  They took the stuff that came from the BOE and wouldn't be going with me to my new place first, then came back for the rest.  I got to my new apartment at 1pm and  [ profile] defined  and [ profile] syuria , who lives in the same building as me, helped me set up my tv stand and move some heavier things around.

Liam and James did most of the heavy lifting and carrying all my stuff down the stairs.  We passed the lighter stuff down a line we formed on the stairs, but the heavier stuff was all them.  I was so tired by the end of the day, I was really looking forward to going to bed!

So I got my bedroom all set up and my living room and then decided that was enough.  I went to bed and turned off my light only to have the lightbulb (which is like no light bulb I have ever seen before, it's a tube bulb in the shape of a circle) and the bulb is glowing green in the dark.  fml.  I had already pinned my curtains up over my windows to help keep the light out of my room, and now my lightbulb is glowing like a nightlight, even though it is off off off!  :(  So yesterday I didn't turn the light on at all, figuring that it was the charge of having been on and running that made it glow.  No. the light from the living room was enough to make the lightbulb glow (not as brightly) for about 2 hours after I went to bed.  I know it was still glowing 2 hours later because I was woken up by an earthquake 1 minute before midnight. :(

So this morning I solved the problem (I hope) by taping a black guarbage bag around the bulb!  Take that, green glowy lightbulbs!!  I'll find out tonight if it works or not. 

Turns out my tv isn't the tv that I should have and so the cable to get cable tv doesn't work.  So the BOE is trying to figure out what happened to the original tv....and either get me a cable that will work with this one..or give me a new tv. I'm hoping for a nice tv like [ profile] syuria  has. lol

Today [ profile] defined  and [ profile] syuria  and hopefuly Liam are coming over for a Fajita party!  I've got all the ingredients, all I need are the people! Should be getting here in about 45 minutes :) 

My kitchen, living room and bedroom all are set up. There is one more room to fix up later, but it is a disaster area right now and I just can't make myself do aything about it. I'm just too tired.  I think I'll go to bed early again tonight and hope that the earthquakes will let me sleep. There were 4 last night between 8pm and 3am. The one at midnight was the biggest and quite long.  It freaks me out a bit not having a tv to turn on and check on tsunami warnings and such..especially as I live a 10 minute walk from the beach.  All the houses around my apartment are broken from the earthquake and there is tsunami damage too.  Thursday night we went for dinner at a place that had been knee deep in tsunami water. The place is beautiful again, but it took a lot of work to get it fixed up.

Yesterday I went to work with Onoda Sensei, who lives not far from me, and all the students were there for a Farewell ceremony for all the departing teachers.  I gave a short speech and was given 2 bouquets of flowers...I now have three in my apartment. After the ceremony all the kids made a really long route for all the teachers to walk through.  I high fived and or shook almost all the students' hands. Even hugged a few kids.  Was crying by the end of it.  Some of the kids were crying too. It was an amazing experience.  Very Japanese.

Well I think that's it for now.

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So, Graham is moving too...he is definitely NOT happy about it.  He'll also be changing from Elementary to Junior High School.  He posted a nasty post on facebook that dissapeared about 30 minutes later.  I'm not sure where he'll be moving to.

I'm not against moving...I'm moving much closer to the plant and will now be in a town with a beach...about a 10 minute walk from the beach.  I was told that the tsunami had come right up to the building but didn't cause any damage. So that means that any time there is a largish earthquake I will have to check the tsunami warnings.  It also means that while teaching in....crap I can't think of the name of the town now...I'll have to watch the radiation level. I'm not sure if the kids Hisanohama! (that's it!) have been given radiation meters or not..I know a lot of kids closer to the plant have.   I have also heard that one of the schools in Hisanohama has been moved to another town for that very reason.... I will have to check on that!

Anyway, the main reason I'm dissapointed about moving is that since I won't be teaching elementary school anymore I will not longer be the T1 (primary English Teacher) which has been my role since last August.  I will now be the T2 (assistant teacher) which sometimes ends up being a human voice recorder.  I hope I will be able to be more invovled with the kids in the classroom.  I've gotten used to being in control. I decide what to teach and how to teach it and if I'm going to skip over stuff or repeat stuff.  But I won't have that control at the new schools.  There will be a Japanese teacher whose job is to teach English, and I will be her helper.  It's kind of like getting demoted, even though I know that's not the case here.

I'm hoping that I am worrying over nothing and I will love my new placement! But right now I can't help but worry.  Now I also have to pack everything up and find boxes for things that don't have boxes (like my DVD player that never had a box) and my printer, etc.  I will have to basically start all over from scratch! Meet 3 or 4 new sets of teachers, make a brand new Self Intro (as Justin, the guy I'm replacing, is also from Ottawa) and gear it to older students, basically everything I did last year for my little guys now has to be redone with older students in mind.

I also have one hell of a cold and my poor ear is killing me!! and that's making me cranky and grumpy which isn't helping! lol  I can't hear out of my right ear.  I hope this passes really soon! It's already been  4 days! jeez.  


Ok, well enought complaining for now.

frellnik: (some days) Kodama Sensei and Takahama Sensei came to have a meeting with my Principle and with me. I didn't know about it until this morning.  First I was told it would be at 3pm and then I was told it would be moved to 2pm but since I had class until 2:15 I should go to the principal's room right after class.  

Then the VP asked me if I knew my schedule for August and I said that I would probably get it on the 12th at the monthly BOE meeting.    ok.

So classes went well. I taught 1 grade 5 class and 2 grade 6 classes and we did presentations and I gave out a lot of stickers.  Then I went to the Principals room to have the meeting and the look on their faces made me want to turn around and leave.  They looked guilty! Like they didn't want to tell me what they had to tell and I had no idea what was going on.  

I knew there was a possibility that I would be moved to another town because I'm the only ALT in Izumi and if something happens there isn't anyone around to help me. I've already had a few problems with that this year.  So I thought maybe I'd get moved to Onahama and then I'd keep my schools and have a few others added to my list to make up the difference in classes.

NOPE! not the case.

I am no longer teaching Elementary school at all! I'll be moving to Yotsukura which is 5 stops away from here (about 30 minutes on the train plus one transfer and wait time).  I'll be teaching Junior High School and basically taking over for Justin who is going back to Ottawa in August.  I'll be teaching at his 3 or 4 schools and my base school will be Yotsukura Junior High school which is closed right now due to Tsunami damage as it is right near the beach.  The 1st nd 2nd grade students are going to school at Yotsukura Elementary school and the 3rd years are going to school at the high school? I think.   So I will go to my base school (Yotsukura Elementary, for now) and then take a taxi to which ever school I'll be teaching at that day.  One of my schools is inside the 30km zone by the Fukushima plant, but I'm not too worried that. The other one will be in Kusano and there may be a 4th but I'm not sure.

The only upside in all of this is that I'll be in the same building as [ profile] syuria and we are friends.  I'm hoping that since I'll be in the same building as her that my apartment will be as nice as hers is.  Yotsukura is even farther out in the boonies than Izumi and I'll be leaving behind my SGI friends that I made here...and my chapter.  I'll have to find a new chapter now. Lots to think about.

The BOE will have someone come and move me but I still need to pack up all my stuff. I will have to talk to Justin to find out what the apartment will have and what I will need to bring from mine.  I know he has a bed, which I won't need, so he'll have to get rid of it...but if he has a couch then I won't need to bring mine.

A thought just occured to me...Yotrukura has no grocery store right now...but they are building one. I wonder if it will be finished by the time I move there lol.  

On top of all this, I am sick again.  Just a cold I think.  can't breathe through my nose and my eyes are puffy from my sinuses and my throat is a bit sore.  no fever though, so yay! I don't feel like cooking or anything today....I wonder if I have anything simple I can make.  My plan was to make fajitas and watch a movie.  OH!

I was in Tokyo this weekend and I found Season 2 of SG: Atlantis for 75$ and all three TOY STORY movies boxset for 69$ so I bought them both! lol  YAY for impulse buying! hahaha.  

So maybe I will make fajitas and watch toy story. I could use a good laugh. :)


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