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another opens?

I have finished my last shift at Costco! I am no longer working!! YAY!!! I now have to start the not so fun process of packing up all my things. I have about 20 boxes to use and I'm really hoping I don't need any more. I better not need any more! 20 boxes! LOL

Mom and I were supposed to go to Québec this weekend but our car died a tragic death. We need the transmission if it turns out to only need to be flushed then it will only cost about $400...but if there is something else wrong then it could cost up to $1500. Yikes! So out trip has been postponed to the 14th of July. yay.

[ profile] ninja007  is coming to visit July 10-13!!! I can't wait to see her again!  We'll pick her up at the airport and get her to her hotel then probably take her out to dinner.  And her hotel (inn) is right near my place so it will be great! Convenient! lol I'm excited!!!

Also have a trip up to a friends cottage where I will get to spend 2 or 3 days will most of my friends and will be coming back from that 3 days before I move to Japan.

So it's going to be a busy month!

Tomorrow I have to go downtown and stop by the Japanese Embassy to drop off a copy of my degrees.  I'm hoping to hang around sparkstreet and the byward market before coming home.  Should be fun.

I hope you are all doing well!

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Yesterday was a nice quiet day.  We stayed in Montreal at my aunt and uncle's place all day.  I went to the little grocery store just up the street from their apartment with my aunt and bought a lot of food!  Everything is so cheap there!  I took a long nap after lunch and then we chatted all afternoon and watched tv. 

Aunt Diane made spare ribs for dinner and Uncle Dan made home made french fries with salad.  I ate way too much but it was so good I didn't want to stop eating! lol

We left Montreal a little after 8pm and we got home at 11pm. 

So now I'm home and relaxing today and tomorrow it's back to work.  I'm glad to be home, but at the same time I wish I was still in Quebec.  It will be at least another 6 month before I see any of them again (and that's only if we go visit for Christmas).  Maybe I can convince them to come here instead. lol
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Yesterday morning we got up ...well...I got up at got up it was almost 10am.  We went out for breakfast with Aunt Diane and Uncle Dan and then mom and I got back on the road and headed to Quebec city to see Grandpapa and Grandmaman.  We got to Grandpapa`s around 5:00pm and we picked up my great aunt Ghesline and went out to dinner, just the four of us. 

After dinner we went to my Great aunt Rita`s house to visit with her and Great Uncle Jean-Marie.  We sat around the living room and talked and I got all kinds of complements on how good my French is and that even though I may not think so, they think I`m bilingual and close to fluent (I think they`re nuts! lol).  I passed around my laptop which was full of pictures of my cousin`s baby`s daughter.  Sara!!  Everyone loves Myleigh!  And they all want me to print off certain pictures and then mail them all to them. lol  I have a list of pictures I`m supposed to get printed and then send to Grandpapa so he can pass them around. lol  I showed everyone a few pictures of you from mom`s suprise party so that they could be reminded of what you look like and we talked about your know, family gossip lol.  But wow, old people go gaga over babies!!  hahaha. it was really funny to see their reactions to those pictures!

Sometime close to 11pm we went to a motel and we had a pretty good room but the beds were really hard.  Mom and I got to sleep around 1am and we got up around 9am.  I accidently found the 24 hour porn channel and decided it wasn`t worth watching lol.  After breakfast we went back to Grandpapa`s and took his car on a tour of old Quebec.  We went up to the Parliament buildings and walked around and took a bunch of pictures.  We drove all through the streets of old Quebecand walked through the parks.  It was really nice.  Then we went to visit Grandmaman at the nursing home (she`s in a new one now, and it seems better).  We had a really nice visit (she gushed over the pictures of Myleigh and wants copies as well) and then she told up that she`s going to Paris with Grandpapa this  That`s not going to happen but she believes it will.  Other than that, she`s doing much better than I have ever seen her in the last 10 years or so.

We headed back to Grandpapa`s after that and mom took a nap for almost 2 hours.  Grandpapa and I spent that time sitting outside on a large porch swing talking.  I haven`t spent so much time with him or chatting with him since I was little.  It was really nice.

When mom got up we went to dinner at St. Hubert and then got back on the road (8pm) to go back to Quebec.  Mom had a lead foot for a good part of the way, so we got back here in exactly 2 and a half hours! Now were relaxing before heading off to bed for the night.  Tomorrow should be an easy day hanging out with Aunt Diane and then we`ll be heading back to Ottawa in the evening.  This has been a really good trip! I`m really glad we came.
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This morning I got up and went to work and had a pretty good time working too.  It was really busy all day so the time went by quickly.  Mom came to get me at 2pm and we grabbed a bite to eat before heading home to finish packing.  We ended up leaving at 5 pm instead of 3 like we had originally planned, and we set out for Montreal to visit my Aunt and Uncle.  We did really well until we got off the highway and then we got really lost.  So I ended up having to call my uncle from my cell phone (wow that`s going to be expensive) and have him talk us through getting to his place.  We got to his place at 8:30 and then we went out to dinner.  We ended up going to Scores and the section of Montreal that we are in is bilingual so we didn`t have to speak French all the time.  We had a really fun waitress too and her English was pretty good.  She joked around with us and was really fun.

Now we are back at my aunt and uncle`s place and we are sorting out who is going to sleep where.  It looks like I just won the spare bedroom and my mom is going to sleep on the couch in the living`s a really comfy couch but it`s a bit too narrow for me since I tend to role around (my mom doesn`t).

Tomorrow we are driving to Quebec city which should take between three and four hours.  We are going to visit my grandpa and grandma and probably a few of my mom`s aunts as well.  I love these trips.  I`m really hoping that my aunt comes with us tomorrow but right now she`s really tired and not sure she wants to spend all that time in a car. 

The plan is to go to Quebec city tomorrow and spend the night, then come back here the next day and spend the night here before driving home Tuesday.  Should be a nice visit with everyone. 
It`s been a long day and now all I want to do is go to bed.  


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