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please let the winter end soon! I was just getting used to having nice 25 C weather and now it's snowing again.
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So the past week has been one of those weeks full of mostly down moments.  I've been sick sense Saturday (and it's now Friday night and I'm still sick - although much better now than I was).  I wrote my Child Language Acquisition Exam on Saturday while going through an entire pack of HALLS. I messed up the Essay Question, which was worth 15 marks, to the point that I don't think I even earned one mark for that question.  The only good thing about that Frell up is that I had 58/60 going into that exam, so I will still get a good mark in the class if I do bad on the exam.

I spent most of the week in bed until noon everyday (which may sound like a good/nice thing, but it really isn't that great) and then studying or working on my Japanese Phonology paper for a few hows every day. I have also been watching Stargate Atlantis. I am now on Season 1 episode 10 (I think). I've been reading fan fiction a lot this week too. 

The crappy part of being sick is not sleeping well at night. (I mean worse than normal, cause I'm an insomniac at the best of times lol). So I've been going to bed around 1am and getting up around 6 or 7am... and then going back to bed around 8 or 9 and sleeping until noon.. or today I got up at 1pm.

On Tuesday I found out that  a friend of mine had nearly been raped by her (almost) ex-husband. (she's in the process of getting a divorce). I also found out that she had had a miscarriage a few days before that (with her current boyfriend), and that she was still having problems because she never talked to anyone after her sister had killed herself a few months ago.  HOLY FUCKING HELL!   Things are now being taken care of and help is being given.  I have never felt so helpless and angry in all my life!!!

Yesterday my cousin had a miscarriage and I feel so bad that I can't be there to see her and hug her and DO something. Again with the feeling helpless. I really hate feeling helpless. At least her husband is home now. He got home today, so at least she's not alone now.

Last night I went out  for an hour long walk with Donna and Mark around the neighbourhood.  Stopped by Mac's Milk on the way home and picked up some milk and some pancake mix. It's the first time I've been outside all week. It was 23 degrees yesterday and there is still snow on the ground! LOL!  It looks pretty silly with everyone wearing shorts and T-shirts playing in the snow. It's going to be in the 20's all weekend.. by Monday there won't be any snow left at all! (I hope!)

Today I took pity on myself and made pancakes and chocolate chip cookies. I slept until 1pm (well I got up at 7:30 and went back to bed at 10ish). I cleaned my mom's kitchen (which she only noticed after I mentioned it. She's actually told me to tell her when I clean up so she will notice) and did some more work on my paper, and had a nice relaxing day.

Tomorrow I have an orientation meeting for volunteering at the Japanese Pavilion at the Ottawa Tulip Festival that will be held next month!
I can't wait! I'm also supposed to meet a bunch of friends for lunch.

I'm feeling much better today, now all I need is for my voice to come back.
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March 28th... correct me if I'm wrong... but isn't March 21st usually the first day of Spring?
I think Spring missed us this year.  We haven't had this much snow on the ground (at this time of year) in AT LEAST 9 years. This year we came very close to breaking the record for snow fall.... the 2nd weekend of March we got a whopping 52cm of snow!!   It hasn't gone away yet.

I just went outside and took some pictures of my front yard and surrounding area. Take a look. Spring in Ottawa, Canada:

I'm standing in my driveway looking towards the road.

This is my front lawn... those two little trees that are half buried are: cherry tree on the left, apple tree on the right.

This is my next door neighbour's front yard by her driveway. The snow is a good 3 feet high.

I kid you not, I took these pictures today about 15 minutes ago. 

HOWEVER! THERE IS HOPE!!!  It's supposed to be 0 degrees Celcius (32F?) today and on Tuesday it's supposed to hit 10C!! it's also supposed to rain most of the week. So MAYBE, just maybe, there won't be much snow left by next weekend!!
Everyone cross your fingers please!


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