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Well I did it! I just spent $1800 on a plane ticket (return trip) to Tokyo for this summer.  I leave Ottawa International Airport on July 31st at 7am and arrive in Tokyo (Narita International Airport) on August 1st at 3:45pm. (OUCH!!) then I get to take a train (or 2) to Shinjuku where I will be staying at the Tokyo International Hostel! I can't wait! I've been in touch with some of my friends and host families from when i was there in 2002, and we are making plans to go sight seeing and there is talk about going to Kyoto too! 

I'm procrastinating again... I am supposed to be doing Phonology homework and studying for my Psych midterm on Monday.... but I haven't been able to get myself started... instead I've been reading [personal profile] synecdochic and[personal profile] ivorygates latest masterpiece.... "mezzanine"... and a few other things.... like... The 8th Chevron by Ford B.  It's a great story with guest appearances from a million characters from different shows. It's got about 20 chapters so don't start it unless you have time to read it... that was my mistake.. so now instead of doing more important things.. I can't tear myself away from the story long enough to do anything! lol I've been reading it for a few days now. One day I'll get smarter and learn to be a bit more patient. some day.. maybe...

IT"S STILL SNOWING!!!!!!!!!!! it started sometime yesterday and is supposed to stop sometime tomorrow. We are expecting a grand total of about 50cm. I really hope this is the last snow storm of the year!!! I want spring! All heritage language schools are closed today so all the kids get a 2 day weekend! I bet they are all happy. I would have loved to have had a snowday  on a Saturday when I was attending my Japanese school. LOL!

OK, i guess I should go study now.  I've had a headache pretty much constantly since I dropped the shovel on my face.  It makes concentrating on things difficult too. I hope it goes away soon. I want to watch Avatar: The Last Air Bender with mom later. She actually likes the show and doesn't mind watching it with me! amazing. All the more reason to get off my butt and go do some studying now.

[profile] ixchup I know you're right and I do plan to finish. Sometimes she just gets a little hard to handle. But you're right, I do like school even when I complain bitterly about how much I am sick of it. :) Did I mention I'm really glad to have your input?  I am. *hugs* Thanks.
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Today I nearly broke my nose.  We had, and are still having, a very nice winter storm.  Ice, snow, freezing rain/ice pellets, high winds... the works. It started last night.  When I got home from school last night I had trouble walking up the driveway because it was so icy and my driveway is a really steep hill.   All school buses in the city and surrounding areas are canceled.  The snow plow came by this morning before my mom left for work and we had to go and shovel the snowbank it left across the bottom of the driveway.  So I've got my shovel and I'm heading down the driveway and when I get near the bottom, I slip.  I fell over backwards with the shovel in my hand and it went up in the air and came down hard across my face with the handle landing on my nose. I'm just lucky it didn't break my nose or my glasses! I'm not sure if my glasses protected me or not, my nose is all swollen and there is a bump where my glasses smashed it.... But all things considered I'm feeling pretty lucky.

I get the day off to study my speech that I have to present tomorrow in front of my Japanese class.  I have half of it memorized so one more page to go.  My homework assignment that was due today is now due on Monday (but since I have an exam on Monday I'm gonna try to get it done today), and I don't have to go back out into that storm to go to school! I'm gonna memorize the rest of my speech and then watch some tv, I haven't watched tv in a few weeks. I'm starting to feel deprived. lol

I've decided I'm going to buy a camera. I found a really nice one by fujifilm (that's the same brand as the one I have now). It's amazing how inexpensive cameras have gotten. I bought my current camera in the summer of 2004 so that I would have a camera for the Farscape convention in Burbank. I paid something like $450 CAD for it. It doesn't do much and the pictures are really grainy now... the camera I'm thinking of buying does a million more things than my camera and is SO MUCH better!!! and it's almost half the price!  it's a good $150 cheaper! So I'm kinda happy that I won't have to dish out as much money for the new camera! If anyone is interested in cameras you can take a look  here

well I guess that's about it, still going crazy with school but really liking the fact that I get to stay home today.  Gonna go take some more Advil for my head now. Maybe I'll go take a nap too.


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