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I am sick and tired (literally) of this summer heat and humidity. 
I woke up on Monday with sore muscles in my thighs and I spent the day trying to figure out what I had done to make them hurt like that.
It's been in the 30s (celcius) for weeks now and there is no AC at school.  The teachers' room has been 29C for the last few days. I hate it.
Well yesterday I was feeling quite terrible after lunch and went to see the school nurse.  She got me to lie down and gave me an ice pack pillow and a small ice pack for my forhead after giving me a cold sports drink.  They decided to call my base school and have the taxi come get me instead of making me stay until 3:40. 

Once back at my base school the VP met me at the taxi and was soon joined by the school nurse, the principal and the school secretary all wanting to know how I was feeling and if I had a fever and wanted to go to the doctor.   I told them I didn't think I had a fever and would feel better once I was some place cool.  I went upstairs to see if I had received the e-mail about the speech contest (my student won 2nd place and will be going off to provincials on Sept.14th). Turns out the judge (Stephanie) could meet me that afternoon to go over Kanna's speech and make the needed changes to it.

So I got a ride home, turned on my AC and waited for Stephanie to come over.  It took us an hour to clean up Kanna's speech.  Then I read and relaxed and went to bed at 8:30.   I had a dizzy spell while lying in bed (that's a weird feeling).

This morning I woke up feeling ok, until I stood up and had another dizzy spell.   The rest of the morning went smoothly but I decided to take today off and just drink water and power drinks to try and balance out my electrolytes.   I went to school early so that I could print out Kanna's speech and then go over it quickly with her.   The school nurse told me that I should buy OS-1 (oral rehydration solution) drink because it's better than regular sports drinks, but that I had to go to the drug store to get it.  So I went to the drug store and bought 2 bottles of OS-1 and one bottle of Aquarious.  Thank god I got the Aquarious because the OS-1 tastes like sweat!  It's gross!!  very salty and just...ewww.   Aquarious tastes similar but is sweeter so it's drinkable.  So I got the idea to mix the two together and now I can drink it!  I've almost finished both bottles.  I've also been drinking water.  I went back to bed and slept for another 2 hours. 

This afternoon my cheeks were burning, so I checked my temperature and I have a fever. So now I'm not sure if I'm sick or if it's the heat still messing me up.  I really can't wait for autumn.  I want to go to work and not feel like crap! I want to have energy again! I want to be able to wear hoodies!  Come on FALL!! lol
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It's August already!  I have four more weeks of summer vacation before I have to go back to school.  That means I've already had 3 months of summer vacation...except it hasn't really felt like summer. It's been cold and rainy for more than half of it. Also I've been working at Costco since April 30th and going to school every Tuesday to study Japanese, so I haven't done all that much relaxing.

A week and a half ago (Late Thursday night) I closed the car door on my finger (left ring finger).  Not quite sure how I did that, but it hurt and I really don't ever want to do that again!  Thank god it didn't break!  But it's bruised and I've been wearing a splint to protect it.  Friday I decided I didn't need the splint anymore (ok, I forgot it at home) when I went to work and wow, did I regret not having it for that little bit of extra protection.  I must have banged my finger at least 3 times during my shift. Lesson learned.  Even if I don't need the splint when I'm not at work, I will be wearing it at work for at least another week! lol

Also last week we had quite a few storms!  On Saturday we had flash floods all through the city.  We're talking rivers instead of roads.  There are pictures of people using canoes in the parks and on certain streets in my area.  The sewers back right up and quite a few people ended up with raw sewage in their basements (coming up out of toilets and sinks).  We had no power for 11 hours and yet the people across the street from us had never lost power once.  weird.  We had 30cm of rain in just over 2 hours!! That's it, 2 hours!  Amazing.  The parking lot where I work had areas where the water was almost knee deep. This is the third time in 13 years.  The first one was in 1996 (people were canoing down the streets then too), and the last one was in 2006.  I'm just glad that our house, being on top of a hill, didn't really flood.  We had some water in one of the rooms in the basement, but nothing serious.  We've had a big fan running in that room (aimed at the carpet) for the past week and it's mostly dried out now. 

Other than that, there hasn't been all that much going on.  I've got my bank loan all set up so I can pay my tuition this week, waiting to hear back from OSAP so I can find out about my loan from them....and hopefully I will get to see my aunt and uncle at the end of the month before I go back to school in September.

I hope everyone on my f-list is doing well.  I've been falling behind on reading my friend's page, but I'm working to get caught up on that.

Have a great week everyone!


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I just finished my last term paper last night and will be leaving shortly to go hand it in. I am now done for the year! I get 4 months off to relax!! Well... maybe not relax, but definitely won't be stressing over school work!!

This past weekend Mooky the clown (From Cirque de Soleil) performed a show at my University as a fund raiser for the Mentorship program (which I am a part of).  She put on a hilarious 90 minute show called the Glories of Gloria Review. My mom was really surprised when she saw it because she was expecting a clown (big hair, red nose, huge shoes.. that kind of thing) and got something completely different! There were two shows with at least 200 people in the audience for each show. It was a huge success. I was assistant stage manager for the two shows.  It turned out great.  a few problems on the first night, but no one in the audience picked up on them. and a great time was had by all! LOL

I also got to give my mom a small tour of the university campus.  She liked it. She sees why I like the school so much.  (yeah, like the layout of the campus is the only reason I like going there. lol)

Got myself a new e-mail address, one I plan on using for forums and lj. One that doesn't have my name in it! LOL! As much as I don't mind everyone knowing my name, some privacy is nice.  :)  Also the one I give out to most people is my school account and that won't be around for ever.  So if you would like my new e-mail addy please send me a message and I'll pass it on to you.

Finally got to season 2 in Stargate Atlantis. Really enjoying the show.. having trouble loading the episodes though.  It's getting a little frustrating. Hopefully the rest of the episodes will load quicker.

In other news.... Mom turned on the heat this morning because it was too cold.  LOL! well we had 2 weeks of nice warm weather, I guess it's normal to have a few setbacks. At least there wasn't any frost.. at least I don't think there was. Apparently she turned it on because it was 65 F in the house.  Have no idea what it's like outside.. I should probably go check,

Off to school to hand in my paper.


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