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Today marks 1 year since The Great North-Eastern Japan Earthquake.  It's so hard to believe that it's been a year already!  My town is just now starting to rebuild and is actually still knocking down unstable buildings.  There is so much damage left to fix, yet, already, so much has been cleaned up and fixed.

A year ago today I thought my aparmtment was going to fall apart with me inside of it.  I gave [ profile] ninja007 a heart attack and then she spent quite a bit of time talking with [ profile] race_the_ace before calling my mom and waking her up to tell her that I was alright after the earthquake, but didn't know if I was alright due to the tsunami.

What I remember most from the earthquake was all my furniture moving across the rooms, not being able to stay on my feet, everything crashing around me and seeing parked cars in the parking lot bouncing like basket balls.  I also remember hearing explosions.   I had been vid chatting with [ profile] ninja007 when the earthquake hit and I managed to get a text to her before my cell phone stopped working to let her know I was ok.

There was no running water in my town for 5 weeks.  The roads were so damaged that vehicles couldn't come into the city so food and gasoline became scarce.  After the meltdown at the plant and all the explosions around the city, it rained acid rain for one evening and night. We evacuated.  I went to stay with a friend in Tokyo for a week before going back to Canada for a month.

Fast forward one year and things are getting better.  I am very proud to announce that after a year of no running water and only being able to use part of the school, Yotsukura Junior High School is fully functional again!  Running water was restored to the 2nd and 3rd floors 3 days ago and 2 days ago water was restored to the 1st floor as well! The students will be returning to their own school, after having been sharing the elementary school for the past year, tomorrow!

All weekend there have been celebrations all across the city and , indeed, all across north eastern Japan!  Right now there are fire works going off that I can see clearly from my balcony! The beach is only a 5 minute walk from my aparmtment, after all.  So many people died, and many are still missing. However, so many people lived.  Life goes on, and that it worth celebrating. Live life in the moment. Live life like today could be your last day.  No one had expected what happened.  No one could have ever imagined it would happen. What happened was right out of a sci-fi/horror movie.

This is what my city looked like after the earthquake and tsunami.

each town in Iwaki is listed in the bottom right hand of the video.  At the time of the earthquake I was living near Onahama.  I now live and work in Yotsukura and Hisanohama. We have come so far in the year since the disaster. But we still have a long way to go.

I'm just glad to be alive.

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I wanted to give people outside of Japan a look at what people in Japan are still facing. I don't live in the worst hit area, but I do live in a town that was affected by the earthquake and the tsunami and the melt down at the nuclear power plant. Please don't forget about the people of Japan because we are no longer all over the news. — in Iwaki-shi.
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Another Earthquake...another tsunami warning.  At least the tsunmai didn't actually come, but it was a tense 30 or 40 minutes.  This one was a 7.1 in Miyagi. It was smallish here, but it was long and my apartment moved quite a bit.  Nothing fell of the shelves though. But it was quite evident by the feel of it that it was coming from far away and was most likely quike large. 

I didn't hear it coming this time. I felt the air change. I was putting laundry away and I stopped and just stood there a moment trying to figure out what had changed. I remember thinking an Earthquake is coming and then a few seconds later it started.  The tsunami warning covered pretty much all of Tohoku area (Iwakte prefecture, Miyagi Prefecture and Fukushima Prefecture).  I'm glad it didn't hit. It would have been only half a meter, but that's still a mess to clean up after.

Aside from that, it's really hot! I'm hoping the thunderstorms that are supposed to hit later today will cool things down a bit.


I went to lunch with one of my colleagues from work and her 2 daughters. We went to and Italian restaurant near my house and spent 2 hours eating and chatting.  The food was amazing and so was the company. Tonight Kiyoko is coming over and we're going grocery shopping and then I'm going to introduce her to fajitas.  Looking forward to it :)


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