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Went back to work on Wednesday despite having a slight fever and the day went ok.  So I kept going to work the rest of the week and by Friday I was feeling pretty normal.  

Yesterday I was lazy so I slept in and listened to music and read until it was time for me to leave the house. I originally wanted to go see a movie at 1:30pm in Taira but Chelsea said she wanted to go see it with me and asked me if I could change it and go see the 4pm movie.  I decided that it would be worth it to see her and maybe Sam too.  So I changed my plans and skipped my evening stuff so that I could see my friends and watch a movie. So I got to Taira at 2:05 and let Chelsea know I was there. Then I went to get lunch at Ito Yokado.  I had a big bowl of Ramen with bamboo, sea weed, onions, and meat for 380 yen and a drink and dessert. the whole thing cost me about 5 bucks.  That made me happy :)

After lunch I went to a yamaha shop and looked at some clarient books. then I went to the Yamani book shop and bought the first book in the series Legend of the Gaurdians: the owls of Gahoule. Apparently there are 8 books!!  So I bought the first one. I've been waiting since June to see this movie and now I'm seeing commercials for it on tv....and it's not playing in Iwaki.  The closest city that has it is Koriyama which is a 90 minute bus ride (high way bus, not city bus) and it's $30 round trip plus $20 for the movie...I could buy it on blue ray for that price.  So anyway. I left the book store at 3:15 and ran into Dan and Clarence.  So I hungout with them for about 30 minutes and at 3:45 I went to buy my movie tickets.  Rather than buy a single ticket for $18 I bought  book of 5 tickets for $50. Saved a tone of money and the tickets are good for a year!

Then 10 minutes before the movie started I got an e-mail from Chelsea saying that ....well stuff...and she didn't know if she could make it.  right.  so I said screw it and I went to see the movie. It was a great movie! It was 2 hours and 10 minutes long.  I'm really glad I went to see it because it was awesome!  Then I went to the grocery store to get food for the week and got an e-mail from Candi inviting me out to drinks and kareoke.  I had to turn her down since I needed to get the cold food home and I needed to catch the train to Izumi to do that.  So at some point we'll be going to Kareoke. :)

I got home around 7:45 and made dinner and watched tv the rest of the night. Jersey Girl was on the Saturday night Road show and I watched that until 11. Then I called mom and Eric and talked until almost 1am. 

This morning I slept in a bit and then called Kirstin and talked until 10. I watched Dragon Ball Z and One Piece and then grabbed a shower and headed out to Taira again to meed Peter. I grabbed lunch and met up with Peter and Dan at 1pm and then we went to Club Sonic for a concert.  There were 7 bands playing in this tiny club.  It cost 1000 yen ($10) if you booked your tickets in advance plus 500 yen for drinks.  So for 15 bucks I got to see 7 bands perform live and have a drink. I opted for Pepsi instead of Beer. lol  

I went to find the bathrooms just before the concert started and was discouraged to find that there was not one single western style toilet at club sonic.  But I needed to I did....and I was successful! I didn't make a mess at all, not on me or the floor! I am so incredibly happy that I have figured out the proper way to use the Japanese style toilet!! I've been avoiding using them since I got here. lol  One of the other JETs explained how to do it without having to take your pants completely off. It worked :)  So YAY FOR ME!!! LOL

The first band was pretty good. Peter knew the drummer which is how we found out about the concert in the first place.  The band consisted of 5 people. the drummer and the guitarists were guys and the two singers were women.  They sang hard rock. It was awesome!  The last band I watched was called Kujou (九丈) and that group was by far my favourite!  It was 2 guys (one singer and was musician) who played original music with Synthesizers and samples and it was awesome!! Some of it was dance and trance like...and some of it was more like ballads and they did two covers, one of the covers was a song by the petshop boys.  This guy was amazing and fun and really got his audience involved.  He seemed to enjoy singing to me. He was right down in my face at one point and sang to me with a big smile on his face and told me he loved me LOL  (i love his song lyrics :)  )  the last song he sang was from his new album that they are working on and hasn't been to the recording studio yet.  So We were the first to hear it.  It was called Peace and Love. Beautiful song!

After he performed I decided I had had enough (I'd been there for 2 hours by that point) and I left.  I went back to Ito Yokado to buy more bread (I FOUND BROWN BREAD!!!)  It costs 110 yen for 3 slices! but at least it's brown bread. Now I'm home for the evening. Going to make chicken nuggets and rice and veggies for dinner!

It was an excellent weekend. Tomorrow I'm back to school. Teaching grade 3 tomorrow. It should be fun!!
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Yesterday I went out to lunch with some friends. Phil was back from the military for the weekend so I got hugs and got to hear all kinds of stories about his training.  After lunch we went down town (I was supposed to go to an orientation meeting for the Tulip Festival but we were late so I skipped out, will go tomorrow evening instead) and spent a few hours walking around the market and looking through the shops. I haven't been down town to just hang out in well over a year.

We watched two police officers on bicycles arrest some teenager for something.. and saw a lady in a wheelchair get thrown out of her wheelchair when she went down some stairs that she didn't see. Thankfully she was alright, just shaken up a bit.  The stairs were really hard to see from the top until you are right on top of them. I'm just glad there were only 4 steps.  One guy got her wheelchair righted at the bottom of the steps and then Mike and another guy picked her up off the ground and got her back into it.  What a scary thing.  The ramp is way the hell on other side of a monument from the stairs. Not a very good setup.  She kept apologizing like she did something wrong.  We kept telling her not to worry and made sure she was alright. 

Then last night I ended up babysitting for a friend of mine who really needed a night out. So I spent a lot longer than I was expecting at her place while she had a good time with some friends. She really needed this so I don't mind at all. The kids were already asleep when I got there so I really didn't have to do anything at all, just be there in case anything happened or they woke up or whatever. 

I got to her place at 8pm and watched Stargate SG1 and Atlantis until 10 and then I went online and chatted with [personal profile] ninja007 until 4am! My friend got home about 4:10 am and then I called a cab to go home. I had told her that I would babysit for free as long as she paid for the cab ride both ways. So I got home about 4:35am and got to bed around 5am.... was up at 9:30 and out of the house an hour later to drop my brother off at work and have breakfast with my mom. Then off to do groceries. Mom let me drive today and made me practice parking for a bit. She wants me to get my friend's dad to take me out to practice parking because she's too nervous. She's realizing that you really don't see things the same way when you are sitting in the passenger's seat. lol. Now she understands why I get nervous sometimes when I'm in the passenger seat.

Now I'm just relaxing, gonna read some fanfic, maybe watch an episode of Stargate Atlantis... and try to stay awake until 9pm tonight so that I can get back on track with my sleeping schedule after last week of going to bed whenever and sleeping all day long. lol
It's a gorgeous 25 C outside and the snow is almost all gone! There is a little left in my back yard and my neighbour has spread the rest of his snow out thin across his yard so it will melt faster.  There are even tulips sprouting in my front yard!  Just starting but in a week or two they will start to bloom.  All in all, a very nice weekend.


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