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Thursday morning started with an M.6 earthquake at 4:30am.  THen the vending machine outside wasn't working so I couldn't get any coca cola :(

I got to school and realized that I forgot my indoor shoes at home and didn't have time to go back and get them before the taxi would get there to bring me to my visit school.  So I went upstairs to get the textbooks I would need and my taxi chit and discovered that my textbooks were still at my apartment and not at my desk.  Damn.  So when the taxi got there, I asked the driver if we could stop at the apartment on the way to school (I thought I was at the school that is past my apartment, but I was wrong) because I forgot my shoes (and my books) and he said that was fine.   He was great! Not only did he drive me home to get my stuff, he didn't start the meter until I was back in the cab with my shoes! =D  Then we talked about maple syrup and alcohol all the way to Kusano.  He made me laugh and I felt great when I got to school!  He also drove me back to base at the end of the school day :)  We talked about a bunch of other stuff the whole way back!

I ordered Farscape on Blu-Ray from  I looked it up on and it was almost $100 more!!  So I got it for $96USD instead of $175CAD.  Nice! :) 

Now I am having a debate wtih myself. I have the option of buying Stargate Atlantis: The Complete Series [Blu-Ray] for $113USD which is great.  But!! Japan has just come out with each Season Boxset (Compact version) with both English and Japanese language  for $35 a season.  I paid $75 for season 1 and  $80 for season 2 (not compact version).  Compact or not compact is just the packaging.  The disks are the same. I go and buy the Blu-Ray complete series (English Only) or do I buy the regular DVDs at $35 a season but having the option of watching it in Japanese.   Honestly, I want both...but that seems a little crazy.  Any ideas or advice???

on a funny note, one of my teachers that I work with, was doing my part of the lesson again.  He has the habbit of not using me in the classroom.  So he was saying the new words (in english) for his students to repeat. Pronunciation practice.  ANd he says "Of Curse!" , "Of Curse!"...and I am standing there trying not to laugh!  So I tell him, that curse is magic that a wich uses against you....and he said the Japanese word for it, I cant' remember it now.  So I correct the class... "Of Course!"  and he explained that his pronunciation was wrong and what he had said.  At least he is good with accepting corrections and making the kids laugh at him so they remember the correct way to say it.  lol  but if he would let me do my job, then these mistakes wouldn't happen. lol  and class wouldn't be as fun?  lol  oh well.

Thursday night I was in bed and asleep by 8pm.  But since I'm still JET LAGGED from The Farscape Con in Cali, 8pm is more like I guess I can be excused. I slept until 5am so I thought 9 hours would be enough...not at all. I was tired all day!  Even fell asleep at my desk before lunch.  I was supposed to have 3 classes yesterday (Friday) but I ended up just having one class. 

So I read a book.  Japanese that Japanese people don't know. lol  It's a great comic/essay from a Japanese teacher's p.o.v.  All the things her students ask her and mistakes that they make and then mistakes that other Japanese people make that her students dont make! I was laughing so much that some other teacher came over to see and then I had them laughing too :)  I think I'm going to have to get the second book too!

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Today was the Iwaki Inter-Junior High School English Speech Contest.  It went from 9:30 until 4:30.  I had 4 students participating in the contest. 3 in the recitation section and 1 in the original speech section.
There were 35 contestants in the Recitation section.  My 3 students all placed in the top 6.  Toko came in 4th place with her piece "Miss Evans on the Titanic".  Ayane came in 3rd place with her piece, "Fly Away Home".  Kanna came in 1st place with her piece, "Tom is Eating Jam in the Kitchen".  
I am so happy and excited for them!  Kanna will be going on to the Prefectional stage. I will continue to work with her until then. 

Some hilarious bloopers that were heard today:

African American  pronounced as "A Freakin' American"   and
Factory pronounced as "Fuck Tree"
It was an awesome day! Lots of fun.  I can't wait for next year! :)


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