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Well, I'm sick again.  Spent all day yesterday lying on the couch drugged up and drinking lots of water.  My throat doesn't hurt much today so that is a big improvement, but my sinuses are so blocked up that my head feels like a balloon. My nose hurts from blowing it so much and is stuffed up and running constantly, and my eyes hurt.  The fever is better today too. I'm hoping I'll be good to go to work tomorrow as I'm at my favourite school this week and I only get to go there once this semester.

So, I got some great news!! I was talking to my mom last week and she told me that she had decided that if she could get the money together, she would come to Japan this year!!  This shocked me somewhat, and made me really frelling happy.  My mom had told me numerous times that she didn't want to come to Japan. It's too far away, it's too hot, it's too expensive, it's not her thing..... and out of the blue, she decides to come for a visit! :D

So I tried very hard not to get my hopes up incase money was not available. I knew that would be the only reason she wouldn't be able to come.  Well, earlier this week she told me that she is definitely coming! !

In August!

So I asked her what she wants to see while she's here and she answered, "Disney Land and Ueno Park". LOL  I love Ueno Park! lol  It goes without saying that I would take her there! lol  And Disney Land and Disney Sea will be lots of fun too!  So we came to the decision that we would stay at the Disney Resort for a couple days while we go to Disney Land and Disney Sea so it will be easy to come and go and mom could go for a quick nap at lunch and then go back to the park...sure.  Except, August is TOP season, that's busier than PEAK season...and the prices are REALLY expensive!! Like...$1000 a night.  So...I thought about vacation packages...and what I thought was the price for 2 people, turned out to be the price for 1 person.  That wasn't going to work either.  Then [ profile] syuria gave me the brilliant idea of checking out the Disney Partner Hotels which are very close to Disney Land Park and have free shuttles to and from the parks as well as being run by Disney all while being much less expensive.  So I found a great room and thought we'd stay there 3 nights.  Then I tried to find a hotel elsewhere in Tokyo for the other 4 nights we'd be there and found 2 potential places.  Mom didn't like them lol.  So instead she suggested we just spend the entire week at the Disney Hotel.  So I ended up booking us at the Disney Hotel  (Fountain Terrace Hotel) for 6 nights!!

While we're in Tokyo I'm hoping to visit 2 of my host families, who have both expressed a wish to meet my mom; go to the Harry Potter Exhibit in Roppungi, Tokyo; go to Asakusa and Ueno Park, and spend 2 days at Disney Land and Diseny Sea. At the end of the week we'll be coming to Iwaki to spend a week at my place and enjoy the ocean, the country side, some Kareoke parties, good food and just relax after a busy week in Tokyo.  Then I'll take mom back to the airport and have a week to recover before the start of 2nd semester.

I haven't seen my mom since Chrsitmas of 2011.  I am really looking forward to seeing her <3

In other news, I failed the N2 exam I took last Decmeber so I will be taking it again on July 7th.  I hope I pass this time around. I also applied to take the JET Translation and Interpretation Course this fall.  There is an extrance exam at the end of June. If I pass the exam, I can take the course.  If not, I'll try again next year. I hope I pass, because I'm getting sick of failing all the time.  and I have been studyig. lol So here goes!


Sep. 8th, 2009 09:59 pm
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So the summer is well on the way to being over now. I'm done working at Costco until the spring. I'm so glad they have that student program so I don't have to worry about finding another summer job again next summer.

School starts on Thursday for me. I have 9 hours of Japanese a week this year.  I have a teaching methodology class and a teaching practicum as well as an English grammar class - Major Structure of English.  The Japanese is all preparation for the Japanese proficiency test in Toronto this December.  It's a three hour test that requires me to fly down to Toronto, stay at a hotel and get myself to York University on a Sunday. If I pass (which I better for the amount of money I'm dishing out to take this frelling test) I will be certified at the second highest level.  The next level up is native speaker level.  That is my eventual goal.

On other mom has a boyfriend.   I haven't seen her this happy since dad died ten years ago.  She's smiling all the time now and laughing at absolutely nothing and everything.  It's a really nice change. I'm happy for her.  And I like him too so that's a bonus.

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with Tricia for dinner at Sushi Kan.  I haven't seen her in a month (which for us is really unusual).  She's asked me for my Farscape DVD's again so she can scape her room mates. I guess I can part with them for a while. lol  it's not like I'll have a lot of time to watch them once school starts this Thursday.

Friday is my b-day party at Boston Pizza...I think there will be about 20 of us partying for the evening.  I'm looking forward to it. Mom is taking me out to a restaurant for my birthday, I get to choose wherever I want. So it's off to Perkins for us.  I've never been there but my friends are all raving about it.  So I figure it's time to check it out.  It's not that close to home which is why I haven't gone yet myself.  But if mom is willing to drive....why not? lol

On Me.

Mar. 23rd, 2009 11:01 pm
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I figured it was time for an update.

Mom is back at work now and she's off all medications.  She does have to keep her foot elevated but other than that she is doing a whole tone better now!  Such a relief.  I've been sleeping a lot better and a lot more than I have been for the past 2 and a half weeks.  So nice.

I've been sick since Thursday.  Got the scratchy throat and sore ears  Wednesday night and woke up Thursday feeling stuffy and achy.  Stayed home Thursday from school but went out to lunch with a friend and ended up just talking for about 4 hours and then went back to her place and got a tour of her house and made plans to hang out again next week.  Mom had gone to back to the doctors because her foot was flaring up again and was told that she had to stay home from work for the rest of the week and keep her foot up.  She had been at work both Monday and Tuesday and hadn't kept her foot up enough so the infection started to come back.  So mom got another extended weekend that she wasn't happy about (she was getting really bored with sitting on the couch watching tv and keeping her foot up),

Friday I went to breakfast with Mark and then went back to bed and slept most of the day away. 

Saturday morning Mom had gone back to the doctors for a check up and was told she was doing alright and she bought me some medicine for my cold.  I was feeling so bad by Saturday which really made me want to cry because I was suppose to go to the Great Big Sea Concert that night.  Tricia called me and basically told me I was going, so I decided to suck it up and go anyway.  I am really glad that I did because the concert was absolutely amazing!  Spirit of the West opened and played for about 45 minutes, they told some great little anecdotes and pulled a little girl (about 6 years old) on stage to dance with them.  

Great Big Sea came on at about 9:15pm and played until just after 11pm.  They played all my favourite songs and a couple that I didn't know.  Spirit of the West joined them on stage for the final two songs of the encore.  What an amazing night.  I dosed myself with cold meds and fishermen's friends and had a great time.

Sunday morning I thought I was dying! lol  yeah, that will teach me!  or not. lol  Went out to breakfast with mom and then went home to do some homework...I was not successful with the homework...actually I still haven't managed to get any of it done.  I'm going to have to do it tomorrow.  well that sucks. LOL 

Yesterday I experienced what I am calling Kamikaze sneezes!  I must have sneezed about 30 times yesterday!  And every time I sneezed by back muscles and chest muscles would seize, my shoulders and around my collar bone would hurt like crazy, my arms would feel heavy and my hands would tingle.  Every time!  It hurt so much!  Thank god I haven't sneezed once today! I don't think I could take much more of that!

This morning I had a headache from hell so I got up at 7 and took a bunch of medicine (2 Tylenol 1s with codine, two advil and a sudafed) and went back to bed to sleep.  Slept for another 3 hours and felt a bit better.

Haven't done much today.  Watched a french comedy show and laughed my head off!  There was this one comedian, he was African and wow he had a weird accent.  Definitely not from Québec.  Anyway, he got to a part of his act where he talked about meeting this little girl and her mom.  The translation isn't perfect but basically he said that he went to a bar/restaurant to eat and sitting beside him was this lady and her little daughter who was about 5 years old.  And he could tell that the little girl wanted to talk to him (this guy is black with short spiky dreadlocks. Looked really cool).  Her mother was all "no you can't talk to him, stay over here, it's dangerous etc."  the guy was all like, yeah right.  So he goes over to the mother, sticks out his hand and says "Hi! My name is (insert name) and you don't have to worry about your 5 year old daughter, I'm a vegetarian!"   So the little girl turns to him and asks him if he had been covered in chocolate? Her mother freaks out and tells her that she can't say things like that to people and that it's rude.  Meanwhile, he's smiling and looks at the little girl and tells her "as a matter of fact, yes I was" then he licks his palm and turns both hands palm out towards her and says "see? it's coming off!" (palms are lighter than the backs of his hands).  

I nearly died laughing! This guy was on for about 20 minutes and he was hilarious!

So that's been my few days.  Still sick, but doing better today then I was yesterday.  going to stay home tomorrow morning, but I'm planning on going to my evening class.  Back to school as usual on Wednesday! YAY!  2 more weeks of classes!


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