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I'm on week two of my 6 week challenge over at Nerd Fitness. I'm having some success with my 3 health and fitness goals, but not doing so great with my life goal. 

My workouts are getting easier. I'm not as sore when I finish. I had to cut out the lunges, though, because they hurt my knees too much. I've had trouble with my knees for years, and the lunges are causing them to flare up again. So I've stopped the lunges and my knees are doing much better :)  My legs aren't anywhere near as sore after I finish my workouts as they were when I first started! I'm quite happy with that!  Tomorrow I'm going to get some dumbbells. I think I'll start with 3kg and work my way up from there. 

I ended up eating ice cream last weekend, so I didn't have my bottle of pop. (I'm allowed one bottle a week according to my challenge goal).  And I'm enjoying eating paleo meals :)  I've tried a few dishes with great success.

The first dish I made was Shawarma salad  and the marinade turned out great! I also discovered that I like spinach in salads.  Until now I've only ever been able to eat it in 3 cheese spinach dip.  My second dish was Taco salad. That went over great and I learned that mild salsa works great as a salad dressing! The other night I made bacony chicken with sweet potato mash and asparagus with a side salad. That was delicious!  And tonight I made Zucchini Lasagna! I HATE zucchini!! But I love this zucchini lasagna! I made enough for 3 servings! It's so good! I am so happy with it!  =D

I've been walking through the outskirts of town along the rice paddy fields and I have plotted a route that I want to use for jogging.  It takes me about 25 minutes to walk it and I can add onto it as my endurance and stamina build up.  The path I take home can go straight down to the beach and there is also a walking path there too :)  But for now I'll be sticking to the fields and mountainous area for my runs.  However, it's still too hot and humid to attempt running. I get drenched just by walking that route in this weather.  I am really looking forward to cooler weather!
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YAY!! My legs don't hurt any more!!! It took a week, but I'm back in the game!

Friday I was dumb, and I forgot my wallet at work and the school is closed and locked until tomorrow. ooopps.  Thankfully [ profile] syuria lent me some money last night so I could pick up some essentials to tide me over until I can get my wallet back tomorrow.

Last night was the first summer festival in Iwaki. There were celebrations in Ueda and Yotsukura.  I danced in the parade at the Yotsukura Nebuta Festival. It took 2 hours to get from the starting point at the beach to the ending point at the train station.  The parade started at sunset and all the floats were lit up and it was awesome!   The dance was very simple, instead of walking normally in the parade we took 3 steps to the right and jumped from our left foot with our right leg bent up and then 3 steps to the left and jumped up on our right foot with our left leg bent up and repeat.  And you clap on each jump.  I was very tired by the end.  We had 2 short breaks during the parade and we were given a small drink during the first break and a larger drink at the end. I was completely soaked by the time we finished.  I got a few pictures and then headed home.  Everyone was saying that we would all be sore today, but I'm proud to say that I don't hurt at all! :D

After that I went over to [ profile] syuria's and played Settler's of Catan for the first time.  I lost, but I had fun playing.

I got home around 11:30pm and called my brother and we chatted for about an hour.  He helped me set up my stats for my RLRPG character.  I'm a level one half-elf :)  We went through the NerdFitness website and my brother said he thinks it's interesting. He already works out with some friends so he may not do anything with NF, but he seemed interested in some of the articles.

I've been looking into recepies for a paleo diet and I must say that I am finding lots of meals that I am really looking forward to trying! I am not exactly clear on the difference between paleo and primal, but I think a lot of the recipes I'm interested in are primal recipes.  Things like Shawarma Salad, Taco Bowl with Crispy Kale Chips, Fajita Fritata, Ultimate Almond Pie Crust with Pumpkin Filling, Beef Burgandy, and so much more :)  Yum!!  I'm going to try to change my diet to 80% paleo and leave one day a week where I can eat what I want.

On another note, I successfully made an apple cinamon cake today using pancake mix.  I didn't add any sugar, just the mix, 2 eggs, butter, milk and cinamon and apple slices.  It turned out really well!  I'm quite happy with it!!


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