Day 2

Aug. 4th, 2008 12:03 am
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So this morning I got up and talked to mom on msn for a while....I talked with a whole bunch of people actually.  (By the way, [personal profile] ninja007, I'm online in the evenings at about 5pm your time if you have a day off and want to chat, that's when I chat with mom).

I went back to Hachiouji today to see my host family.  I got to Hachiouji 30 minutes early so I went shopping in the trainstation department store. I ended up going to the toys department and  bought a book - Peter Pan.  I figure it's easy to read and will be good practice for me.  After that I walked to my host family's house.  Okaasan (that's Japanese for mother) was waiting outside in front of her house for me when I came around the corner at exactly 12:00.  She had a huge smile on her face and I got a big hug!  I forgot how short she is! She's up to my chest. I think I squished her a bit when I hugged her :)

We ate lunch shortly after I got there.  Okaasan made Yakisoba because she knows I love it.  The we talked for 2 hours and ate and I gave them their presents and explaned to Okaasan about the Canadian symbols on the apron I gave her - especially the Inukshuk. They all loved their gifts - especially Okaasan! 

We watched tv and talked until 4:30 and took some family photos.  Yuko and I  decided that we will go visit Junshin school again this coming Sunday and then I am supposed to meet her boyfriend. Yes mom, Yuko has a boyfriend!! I think we are all having dinner together.  
Okaasan wants to get all of my host families together to go out for a big dinner one night soon.  She's supposed to let me know what day they decide on because my schedule is wide open.

yuko and Tomoko gave me some ideas about where to go to buy the videos I'm looking for. I found one of them today.  I bought 4 ...well 5 (one was 2 dvd's in a pack) movies.  I can't wait to watch them when I get home.

The we went out to the festival.  I took so many pictures and short little video clips.  There were parades all evening, Taiko performances, dancing, and more.  This festival is so much fun!  And lots of people were dressed up in their yukatas.  So beautiful to look at. At about 7pm we headed back home for dinner.  We had Yaki Niku (fried meat) with assorted vegetables and rice.  I love this dish, it's one of my favourites.  Okaasan let me choose what we had for dinner too.  Lucky me!

Tomorrow is probably going to be a slow day...I don't have any plans so I'll probably do some laundry and then go explore this part of the city for a while.

I think I'm tired enough to go to sleep now...time to go to bed.
Have a good day everyone!
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Well I ended up getting about...maybe 3 hours of broken sleep last night.  Really hard, uncomfortable beds, and I know I am not the only one not sleeping well. Hopefully I'll be able to spend a few nights at Aya's house next week, I'll have to wait and see. 

So Aki called me when she woke up this morning and we decided to meet at 1pm.  I met up wit Phillip (sp?) in the lounge and we talked for a bit.  He and David (both are from France) decided to go check out the Hachiouji festival today so I decided to go with them until it was time to meet Aki.  It took just over an hour to get to Hachiouji by train and we spent another hour or so wandering around the festival.  Most of the city was done up for the festival with probably close to 100 booths set up along the sidewalks with games, and different kinds of foods and sweets (wood steamed baked potato, chocolate dipped bananas, cotton candy, Tako Yaki - octopus balls, yaki soba - fried noodles and so much more!!)  There were also floats for each section of the city.  I got some pictures of some of them.  There was traditional Japanese dancing in the streets (two lines of dancers that stretched more than 2 blocks in each direction!!) and Taiko drum performances by adults and kids alike.

So much to see and 3 days to see it in...but I missed the first day while in transit.  I get to back tomorrow with the Kasai Family.

I took the train to Hino for 1pm and Aki met me at the station.  We went back to her place and chatted with her parents for a while.  Then we all decided that today would be a good day to go visit the old high school.  So Aki's dad drove us back to Hachiouji (avoiding the festival) and went to sleep in the car while Aki and I went around to surprise everyone.  After we signed in at the front desk ( and were greeted really warmly by the secretary) we went upstairs to the teachers room.  Ishida sensei was in the room and Aki stuck her head in and told him to come to the door beacuse there was a special guest to see him (me!).  The look on his face when he saw me made me feel really good.  So we talked for a few minutes then he went across the hall to get another teacher that was there 6 years ago when I was a student there....and we talked for a few more minutes.  Then we started talking about different teachers and Harada Sensei came up. I really really like Harada Sensei. He was definately one of my favourite teachers at Junshin High school.  Turns out he's now the Vice Principle!!!  So Ishida Sensei called him on the phone and told him to come down to our floor because there was a special guest here he had to meet.   We met him in the stair well as he was coming down the stairs and I waved at him and he just stopped for a second and his whole face lit up and he practically ran down the stairs to greet me!!!  He shook my hand real firm with a huge smile on his face and we ended up going into one of the confrence rooms for iced tea and sweets while we talked for about 30 minutes.  We were joined by one of the nuns (also really nice) and then the secretary joined us and brought these little ice treats that were made to look like pineapple pieces. (yes mom, I actually liked them!! I had 3 :) )  That's when Aki mentioned that her dad was still in the car waiting for us!  LOL  The teachers freaked! LOL It was rather hilarious!  Turns out he was sleeping, and one of them went out to get him and bring him inside then ice airconditioned building to wait while Aki and I went to the gym to see Suzuki Sensei.  (the high today was 35C...tomorrow is going to be hotter and it is REALLY REALLY HUMID!!!)  

After that Aki and I went back to the festival for a bit and then went to Book Off (cheap books, movies and music..all second hand stuff) and I got two movies. (one is called Shinobi and I can't remember the name of the other one.)  After that we went back to Aki's place and her mom made Okonomiyaki (think pancakes but with vegetables and stuff ...not really pancakes but that's what they kinda look like). I had 2 and a half...practically the only thing I had to eat today besides drinking tones of water...just to hot to be hungry.  I left Aki's place and caught a 9pm train back to Shinjuku and then transfered to another train to get back to Ikebukuro,,,, I was falling asleep before and after dinner...barely stayed awake on the train...and now that I'm back at the hotel, I'm wired again. go figure! lol

I figure I'll go upstairs and chat with Phillipe for a while (he's in the same room as me for sleeping) and then go to bed around midnight (iun about 45 minutes).  It was an amazingly fun day and tomorrow promises to be about as good because I get to see my host family and go back to the festival for the final day.

off I go.  Have a good day eveyone!


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