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OK, I'm posting really early today because I am going to Aya's this afternoon. I have to catch a 4:37 train. I actually have to take 4 trains to get to Aya's.  She lives a wee bit away from here. lol   It's going to take about an hour and a half to get to her place.  Her dad called me this morning around 9:30 to tell me they were going shopping for groceries and stuf and to ask me what kind of sweets I liked and what kind of fruit.  So he's buying me peaches and something chocoalte (from what I  Aya's going to meet me at the train station at 6. I should be arriving there at about 5:50 tonight.

SO today has been quiet. I haven't done much besides laundry and went to pick up a few groceries. 

last night I was really hoping to get a good night's sleep.  There were 6 people from Thailand. I went to bed at 10:30 last night, but didn't get to sleep until almost 1am...they had the lights on, coming and going.....most of the time it was one of the small lights so they could get their stuff together...but you know me and light when I want to sleep....and one of them snored. crappy. I finally fell asleep and they all woke me up at 6:40 'cause they were getting ready to leave! One of them didn't notice I was still in my bed and turned on the main light.

so I got up and went to the bathroom and had some jiuce and when I went back to the room that person was alone in the room and had turned the main light off and appologized. She hadn't seen I was there cause I was flat. lol

So they were gone a little after 7:30 and I had managed to doze with the little light on...I went back to sleep after they left.

so I'm still tired...but tonight I'm going to Aya's so I'll sleep well there and I won' t have to get up early in the morning!  I've slept at Aya's before, and I know I'll be comfortable tonight!

So, I'll fill you in on all the fun tomorrow eveing when I post next.
Have a good night/day everyone!
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I spent over an hour tossing and turning in my bed, trying not to wake up the other people in my room,,....

The beds suck...well, they don:t really, I:m just picky,..think Rodney McKay and his perscription matress and you have me...well I don:t think I:m as bad as him...but whatever.  So my problem is partially that I:m just too tired to sleep and have gotten my second wind right when I didn:t need it, and that the matress is A LOT harder than I am used to and my pillow doesn:t fit right. LOL

So it:s just a matter of me getting used to it, really.  in the mean time...I:m gonna go crazy!   I can:t find the right buttons on the keyboard so I appologize for the weird punctuations but they are going to keep appearing until I get home in three weeks. LOL

I have not been up awake for 32 hours...and I:m ready to bounce off the walls!!!! OMG!  But I:m sure  you don:t want to hear about that anymore.  

SO!  I got to Narita Airport and rented myself a cell phone (cause you can do that here!) and bought myself a ticket to Ikebukuro on the Narita Express (about $32) and 90 minutes later I was walking from the train station in Ikebukuro to the hotel/hostel.  I didn:t get lost at all!!!  haha! I:m very proud of myself!!  Now tomorrow I just have to find my way to Shinjuku station and from there I can go to Hachioji and visit my old stomping grounds!  (I JUST FOUND THE ' KEY!! YAY!!!) I'm too lazy to go back and change all the mistakes.  

Well I'm gonna go puruse facebook for a bit and then take another stab at sleeping...maybe  I'll end up just listening to music for the rest of the night.... who knows.  I hope I get to sleep.

Sleep well everyone!! \(^o^)/


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