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8 earthquakes yesterday/last night. 3 earthquakes the daybefore.  two of them were M5.9 and another was 5.2 and some were 4s... Today seems to be quiet. It's raining again.  I don't know if it's the earthquakes or the weather or both, but I have a headache. again. lol

School is back in session but I haven't started teaching yet. I do have 1 class on Monday and it's in front of the parents.  Yay. first class of the school year and the parents are coming to watch.  great.   So, we are going to do a review of what we learned last year in the form of Hang Man.  Each round will be a question and once the kids figure out what the question is, they have to answer it!  Now I need to come up with prizes for the first and second place winners.

Uncle Dan's funeral will be tomorrow (1am in the morning my time tonight).  I called my Aunt's place this morning (yesterday evening for them) as my mom is there. I talked to my Mom, Aunt and Uncle for about an hour.  I love talking to my aunt and uncle. I need to remember to call them more often. 

I was going to do groceries today, but i don't want to walk in the rain and carry it all back in the I'm going to make a batch of pancakes for brunch (as soon as I post this) and then for dinner I'm thinking I'll make grilled cheese sandwhiches and I have some banana loaf cake for dessert.  Groceries can wait until tomorrow.

I'm going out tomorrow with Mareli to look at the cherry blossoms.  There is a park not far from Iwaki Station and there are some shops around where we can buy stuff for lunch.  Looks like a picnic in the park under the cherry blossoms =)  I'm looking forward to that.  I'm thinking I'll make fajita pizzas for dinner tomorrow night.

Guess that's about it...not much going on right now.  I've been watching all the Tinkerbell movies in my spare time.  and I bought 3 of the Jeff Dunham DVDs and should get them in the mail next weekend :)  So I'm am well entertained. lol


Aug. 6th, 2011 09:30 pm
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Got up at my usual time today and took a 4 and a half hour trip to Hachioji, Tokyo to see my host family (Kasai Family). Yuko wasn't there, but then I wasn't really expecting her to be. She works alot, but her sister, Tomoko, was there and so were her parents.  Tomoko and Okaasan met me at Hachioji station and we went to Saizeria for lunch. It's a really cool Italian Restaurant and everything is CHEAP!  I got a personal pizza for 3.99 and made it a soup and salad set for an extra 1.80 and added all I can drink hot or cold drinks for another 1.80. then had an almost beaver tail (nan bread with cinimon and sugar) for 1.59!!  SO GOOD!  Ate until I was full for under 10 bucks!

Then we went shopping for groceries for dinner since it was decided that, as I had no plans, I would join them for dinner. We had Yaki Niku (fried meat) and veggies ( bell pepers, cabbage, carrots, potatos, mini weiners, shrimp, bean sprouts, and corn on the cobb).  And cheese soufflet (chese cake) for dessert :)  

We went back to Okaasan's and she tried to get me to eat more stuff...including dessert lol.  We talked for a while and went through my pics on facebook.  After dinner she walked me to the station and I got the train to Ikebukuro.  

This morning I drew a map of how to get to the hotel from the station in case I had forgotten in the last 4 years. As it turns out, I didn't need it. I made it to the hotel 10 minutes before 9pm (just made it!!) and passed a Johnathan's Restaurant on the way! I know where I'm having breakfast tomorrow!!  

Also, I checked in, got the key to my room and walked in to find it empty. 4 beds, all ready for new people. So far I'm the only one in there. I'm hoping it stays that way. I've got my bed made up (I'm sleeping on top of most of my blankets because the matress is still very hard here) but it should be a nice sleep! The room is DARK with the lights off and the beds have curtains on them to give privacy! I've got the AC runnin on low to keep  it cool in there :)  and if there is no one else in there with me then I don't have to worry about keeping anyone awake with my coughing! Yes...I'm sick again! damnit. 

Uncle Dan arrives tomorrow afternoon.  I need to be on an express train from Ueno to the airport by 2pm to get there just before 3. He should be arriving at 3 but then he:ll have to do customs and wait in line to get through will probably take a while. I figure I:ll sleep in, go have breakfast at Johnathans, then head out to Ueno and hang out in the park until it's time to get Dan.

Well that's about it for now.

Have a good day everyone, I'm heading off to bed soon :) 


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